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Zeolite is an universal ion exchanger, having a strong selectivity for large cations of alkali, alkaline and heavy metals, as well as for the ammonium ion. This substance also has a relatively high rate of metabolic reactions.

The behavior of zeolites in the process of ion exchange depends on the following factors. They are nature of the cation, its charge and size in the dehydrated and hydrated state, temperature, concentration of cations in solution,
nature of the anion, which are associated with the cation in solution,
structural features of zeolite.

The specific nature of ion – exchange processes in zeolites exists thank to the peculiarities of their crystal structure or in other words physical properties of zeolites.

It goes without saying that such microstructure of zeolite with its numerous pores determines the basic useful properties of this mineral. It’s known that being dehydrated by heating, zeolites have the ability to absorb molecules of different substances from the environment. In other words this means that this mineral has got adsorptive properties.

This mineral is a molecular sieve with a special absorption mechanism and its structure has got strictly calibrated pores. Consequently, its sorption properties refer only to ions of macro and micro nutrients and compounds with small molecular size, not engaging in direct interaction with vitamins, proteins, amino acids and other complex organic compounds.

It’s known that the body receives not only inorganic elements, which are required but at the same time we receive those ones we have in abundance. In this case zeolites can be act as carriers of vitamins. The optimal concentrations of micro, macro components facilitates biochemical reactions, formation of biocatalysts, which normalize the activity of enzymes depending on the needs of the body, guiding and regulating metabolism in living cells.

For upset stomachs, a correction of motor – evacuation of bowel function and elimination of dysbacteriosis can be required urgently. By the way dietary supplements based on zeolites are considered to be the main supplier for the body tissue, without which normal functioning of the digestive tract, and consequently, other body systems can’t be possible. In fact physical and chemical properties of zeolite rocks from different deposits, at relatively the same chemical composition, differ significantly on a number of indicators. These differences are peculiarities of mineral composition of zeolite rocks, mineral type of zeolite, peculiarities of the structure and morphology.

As I can see that all of this mentioned above is going to be too complicated for your mind which doesn’t specialize in any kind of science. But I can assure that you needn’t be plunged in learning all of this. All you need is to purchase a certain amount of liquid zeolite and take it reguraly. Toxins will be afraid of your body all the time.

Right now people are looking for alternatives to common drugs and prescriptions when it comes down to health and detox matters. One of the offers on the market is powdered Zeolite. But please don’t make any quick decisions and do not hurry up to purchase Zeolite instantly.

Be smart and use of the truly unique advantages of our time – free access to huge storage of info. I mean the Internet. It is obvious that we the whole world has entered into the stage when knowledge makes life easier. And this information is at your fingertips.

That is why if you are properly armed with the knowledge about Zeolite powder, then you can be sure that you will in any case find the most appropriate choice of the products that can help you.

So, please use the advantages of the age of information and the tools that you have available. Search the Internet, compare the publications about this product. And only then make a smart and well balanced decision.

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