You Are A Prospect To Receive Laser Hair Removal?

Is laser hair removal right for you? Well, almost anyone can get laser hair removal. However, what problems could you encounter? That all depends on what sort of skin and what hair color you have. So, let’s examine the relationship between laser hair removal and skin colors. As well keep in mind that if laser treatments are an option for you, some individuals choose to go with technology they’re able to work with in their homes. Much more best hair removal products material can be located on the net without difficulty.

Caucasian Skin

Those of European background are typically known as Caucasians. That would make you a great candidate for laser hair removal, usually. You see, you’re likely to have a lighter skin color. So, by comparison, your hair should be darker.

That’s important, since the laser is designed to seek out and burn dark pigments. Since your hair will be darker than your skin, it makes it easier for the laser to focus on your hair.

African Skin

African skin, on the other hand, tends to be a lot darker. That’s likely to create quite a problem for you, if you go through the procedure. That’s because the dark pigment of your skin is going to draw the laser beam away from your hair.

So, you could have both burns and permanent scars. So, it’s probably a bad idea for you to have the procedure done. In fact, most good technicians will probably refuse to do the procedure. You may want to consider waxing or other procedures, instead. Another choice for both lighter and dark hair colors is the No No. For further information and facts see No No hair removal.

Skin Tones Of Eastern Asia

Eastern Asians usually have black hair, but fairly light pigment to the skin. So, if your roots lie in Korea, China or Japan, you might consider laser hair removal. However, Eastern Asia is the culture with the least body hair, on average. So, if you have a lot of body hair as an Eastern Asian person, you’re in a small minority of people.

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern people tend to have varied skin tone and a lot of unwanted hair. So, it’s all hinging on what specific skin tone you have. Although, even if your skin is darker, you may be able to lighten it with certain chemicals, like hydroquinone.

Hair Color

The other problem with laser hair removal is hair color. After all, the laser likes to train on dark pigments. So, the darker your hair is compared to your skin, the better. If you have white or gray hair, it technically has no color at all. That makes you a horrible candidate for the procedure. Laser hair removal also won’t work well on red hair or blond hair, since those colors contain a blocking pigment known as phemelianin. So, before you decide to have the procedure, keep those things in mind.

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