Women's Hair Loss – Did You Know These Facts?

Women’s hair loss happens for different reasons, and it’s more prevalent than most people know. Male baldness gets quite a lot of attention but the truth is that women lose their hair just as often and, maybe surprisingly, for more reasons than men do. Why is this awareness greater about men then it is for women? We’re not sure if there are any TV programming or commercials devoted to this condition in women. One thing for sure is that there are multiple causes for thinning in females. Ok, we’ll share some thoughts and facts about thinning hair in women.

For men, the genetic condition of hair loss is referred to as male pattern baldness. Female pattern hair loss is the equivalent condition that occurs in women. It’s related but not the same as androgenic alopecia. For women, it’s just that the hair loss pattern is not the same as men. For men, there’s a certain place, or places, where it starts, and then it moves out to other places. The pattern in women is they start to thin at the top and all over the top. You can say the distinction for women is that there’s really no distinct pattern.At times unnecessary pregnancy could bring about a lot of worry among women. This trauma could result to hair loss. Take precaution by using contraceptive pills like Cerazette and feel free from all your worries.

One of the first things a doctor will ask you about when you ask them to check into your hair loss is “how much stress are you under?” Certain stress factors will definitely come into play as it effects how much your hair grows and is lost. There are women who discover that they lose more hair during high and prolonged stress. Yet, other women will not have that problem, but they will experience a slower amount of hair growth. Taking deep calming breaths can help to relax you and calm you down. No matter what is in your life, make time to relax each day even if it’s only ten minutes. Not only that, but it’s critical to overall health to be able to relax every day.

There can sometimes be a chronic condition that will produce the symptom of hair loss. It depends on the problem and the medication, and quite frequently the medication is the culprit involved in the hair loss. In other cases, it is exactly the fact of the hair loss that allows the doctor to diagnose the medical problem. As you can imagine, very often the chronic illness will last forever and throughout the remainder of the person’s life. Then it becomes a situation of quality of life and effectively managing the illness. Also, many times the medication must be taken, there is no substitute, and the hair loss cannot be avoided. You do have options in the area of coping with the hair loss, and there are some options for you – just talk to your doctor.

Men’s hair loss is much more widely discussed than women’s hair loss. We have no idea as to why this happens. So, if a woman finds that her scalp is getting thin or that she is losing her hair, she is more likely to be embarrassed about it than she is to seek help. However we’re hopeful this will change. Before long the common causes of hair loss in women will be very well known.

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