Why You Should Stop Smoking Now

“Smoking is bad for your health.”. We’ve been hearing that for years now. Why do people continue smoking? Why can’t they just stop? The answer to that question is simple. People find satisfaction when they smoke. In fact, it feels so good that many people find themselves unable to quit despite the fact that their brain is telling them too. However, with a little more information on how smoking really is bad for your health, perhaps that would serve as an extra push for you to stop smoking or find a better alternative to it.

What makes the habit of smoking so bad? Cigarettes have 4000 chemical in which 400 are toxic. Multiply that to how many sticks you smoke daily. With every cigarette stick, you’re poisoning yourself. Carcinogens are present in cigarettes. The carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen that is vital for your body to function properly. That gas causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

If all those don’t seem down to earth enough, let me simplify it for you. Well, to put all of those in one thought, the idea is that the harmful effects of smoking shorten the number of years that you will live. Out of the 300 smokers in the UK who die every day, most of them are young smokers. Those who die of smoking at 70 years old exceeds the number of those who die due to breast cancer, AIDS, traffic accidents and even drug addiction.

The harm of smoking to your cardiovascular system has a lot of forms. It is a common misconception that it only affects the heart. Smoking can damage any body part that the blood flows. Heart attacks are due to coronary thrombosis. There are instances wherein the brain’s blood vessels get clogged. Some things that can happen are stroke and paralysis. Even your blood pressure is affected when you smoke.

There is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking. It is called the Electric Cigarette and they do not contain toxic materials but has all the good things you love about cigarettes. Visit Nicotine Inhaler for more information about what’s available to help you quit now.

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