Why You Need a Motorized Wheelchair

Motorized wheelchairs are especially important vehicles. The ideal one might provide you a nearly normal life, and the wrong chair could get you more trouble than convenience. It’s always sensible to discern what you require in Mobility Aids & Disability Aids and then locate the perfect product to fill those needs. What follows are reviews of three especially good motorized wheelchairs, every one of them perfectly suited for their anticipated job.

Invacare’s Pronto M91 is a good mid-wheel drive chair that could be ideal for indoor and outdoor movement. It is capable of 6.5 mph and should easily negotiate obstacles up to 3” high, which means that annoying door thresholds will be a snap. The leg rests could be effortlessly tailored to answer your personal preferences and the frame is thin enough to go through standard doorways.

The two recurring criticisms seem to be that the battery charger may be a problem to use, and the rear suspension is not what you’d call soft. The M91 is one of the industry’s best general use models which is routinely Medicare approved, however, so perhaps an extra pillow or two may take care of the problem. This chair will carry up to 300 lbs and there is a heavy duty upgrade capable of supporting up to 400 lbs.

If you’d prefer a high performance Power Scooter & Disability Scooter, you would want to check out the Bounder Plus H-Frame wheelchair. This chair can move around just perfectly through a normal sized home, although it really shines outdoors. The Bounder Plus could carry anyone under 500 lbs but still jet along at 11 mph on flat surfaces. The battery can achieve a trek of 40 miles when enjoying ideal conditions. The galaxy of options are too plentiful to specify, although the fact that this company offers 9 seat options is illustrative. Medicare routinely will not purchase a Bounder, although you might acquire it by picking up the difference between what Medicare permits and the real price of the chair.

If you could rationalize the expense of an additional chair for travel, your money might be effectively spent on the Invacare AT’M Travel Electric Wheelchair. The seat frame will unlatch from the base and compact like a lawn chair, and as soon as the batteries are taken from the base it weighs a mere 34 pounds and the whole chair will fit in most hatchbacks. The battery range is just 12 miles, and capacity tops out at 250 lbs, although for a lightweight portable chair this is pretty much the best you’ll find.

Motorized Mobility & Disability Aids and Scooters will prove to be such significant mobility devices that they should only be invested in after real research. Motorized wheelchairs will have a dramatic impact on both your quality of life and your bank account. Select carefully, then purchase confidently.

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