Why Sunrider Products are Healthier than Organic Foods

Sunrider health foods and health drinks provide greater benefits, value and convenience than organic products. Most of the processed food and even some of the fresh produce is virtually dead in retail stores. The ingredients are often farmed on depleted soil, produced with chemical fertilizers, covered in pesticides and radiated or decontaminated with harmful chemicals for safety. Then, they are pasteurized with high heat during processing, eliminating any living enzymes or whole food nutrients.

Organic health foods are somewhat more valuable, but you have to eat quite a bit to reap any results you can actually see or feel that the price tag makes it less attractive, not to mention the hours and the effort it takes to prepare these types of health foods. Intelligent people know it is not adequate to just eat organic health foods or drink plenty of water. While that is healthier than the usual diet, we invite you to look past the convenience stores, grocery and health food stores for products that create real results in the way you feel and how you look. The difference is that a specific, concentrated blend of ingredients make Sunrider health foods, health drinks and household products superior to organic.

Sunrider health foods and health drinks are superior to organic for additional reasons, too. Sunrider uses many exotic herbs and plants that often grow wild in their natural environment, and are not usually grown on farms. When Sunrider does use cultivated herbs and plants, they work closely with the farmers. Sunrider makes sure that the herbs are grown in the right soil, the right climate, and under the right conditions for maximum nutrition. Sunrider tests each container of raw herbs for toxic metals from acid rain and rejects the herbs and plants that do not meet their elevated standards. Organic fruits and veggies do not guarantee that your health foods and health drinks will have little or no toxic substances from acid rain.

The beneficial nutrients from the ingredients in Sunrider health foods and health drinks are concentrated and perfectly processed and combined for maximum effectiveness. A large amount of organic foods would be rquired to equal the nutritional power of one serving of NuPlus, for instance.

Sunrider is a successful, award-winning maker of health foods and health drinks because their products are unique. The herbs and plants are flawlessly combined together for optimal effectiveness and safety. The benefits and dangers of different ingredients are carefully analyzed by scientists in order to create the absolute best products. As a result, Sunrider has been honored and recognized as a leader in the creation of health foods, health drinks and personal care products since 1982, when it seems that so many other companies have appeared and then vanished.

Everett Smith is co-owner of BestHealthFoodStore.net, the online store for health foods and health drinks and Sunrider products not sold in typical retail stores. Visit the site to see the full Sunrider catalog and to learn how VIP members get wholesale prices.

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