Whitewater River Kayaking: Instruments To Bring Along With You

Kayaking can be a wet and wild way to spend a day — but if you’ve got the right gear, youwill be prepared for anything the rocks throw at you. Be certain to tailor this list for each outing ; you’ll want to add or drop certain items according to the season, the weather, the location, and your own personal wishes.

Just print out this list and check items off as you pack them. If you want a more customized list, you can copy and paste this article into a Word document on your own PC and add your individual essentials.


  1. Drinking water (at least 20 ounces for every hour you’ll spend in the boat, depending on how much you sweat)
  2. Helmet
  3. Waterproof matches
  4. Dry bags (waterproof gear bags that secure to the boat)
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Repair kit (see below)
  7. Kayak
  8. Whistle (for emergencies)
  9. Spray skirt (a flap that closes around your waist to keep water out)
  10. Paddle float (a self-rescue aid)
  11. Bailer or bilge pump
  12. Sunscreen
  13. Heat-reflecting blanket
  14. Life jacket
  15. Wilderness first-aid kit

Repairing Kits

Ding Stik repair putty for your river kayaks
Replacement bolts for the seat, rudder, and foot pegs
Zipper-repair kit
Application wire
Tiny bungee cords
Waterproofing wax
Seam sealant


Energy bars
Raw veggies or fruit


Don’t forget to keep everything youare not wearing in dry bags :

Quick-drying swimming suit
Quick-drying pants
Waterproof jacket
Sun and rain hat ( with a wide brim )
Neoprene gloves
Pull-on water shoes or sports sandals
Pogies ( paddling gloves )
Change of garments


Tide tables and charts
Weather radio
Nose plugs or clips
Water-proof watch
Cash ( in a fanny pack or sealable plasticbag )

Stream kayaking is a great sport, and what makes it more fun is the risks associated with it. Be sure, play safe. The kayak is your nearest buddy during the cruise, so be sure you stick with it. Check : more information on river kayaking.

Ensure you learn and implement the correct techniques. If correct postures and paddling techniques aren’t followed, kayaking can cause wears and tears in body tissues. More significant injuries are also practical. Also, make sure you carry and lift the stream kayaks to and from the stream carefully. Learning the correct techniques will keep away from possible wounds, and will enable you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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