What You Should Know About DePuy's Hip Replacement Recall

Recently, reports were broadcasted about the recall of two of the hip replacement implants fabricated by DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Their ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System were found to have a defective design that contributed to its high failure rate. A life expectancy of 15 or so years is anticipated of the average hip device but the ASRs only last for five years. This has led to the voluntary hip recall.

Some 400 ASR patients have reportedly filed their complaints to the FDA. Extreme pain, hip swelling and difficulty walking are some of the grievances ASR recipients have relayed. DePuy withdrew the ASR devices from the Australian market in 2009 but remained to be sold elsewhere. The Australian National Joint Replacement Registry has taken hold of data indicating that the devices fail earlier than was intended. This is especially noticed in women or patients of small stature.

Even with data presented, the ASR devices were still sold on the market until August of 2010. By then, 13 percent of the 93,000 hip implant recipients were expected to require a revision surgery. A corrective surgery is required to allay pain and discomfort felt by recipients of the damaged hip replacements. Moreover, metallosis may be brought on as studies reveal that cobalt and chromium ions from the implants get scraped off and leak into the recipients bloodstream. Anxiety, headaches, fatigue, vertigo, hearing loss, depression, and cognitive decline are some of the symptoms suffered by individuals experiencing cobalt poisoning.

Following the recall, lawsuits were filed against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson from hundreds of victims that seek to gain compensation for the losses they have had to go through. Although DePuy has declared it would assist recipients of the ASR devices by the claims process they have set up and that they would reimburse expenses related to your injury, there is reason to believe that you might have suffered harm DePuy is not willing to pay for.

Going through a medical evaluation to determine if you have an ASR device implanted and to assess your current hip condition should be a priority. A DePuy hip replacement recall lawsuit is your best choice if you wish to take legal action against the manufacturer. You are entitled to seek damages and filing charges will increase your chances of attaining it.

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