What Is The Best Type Of Diet?

Probably the top diet plan to follow at the moment is one of the meal replacement diets. The usual way they work is that you replace your breakfast and lunch with food that they provide you, which is low in calories but loaded with nutrients, then you cook your own dinner so you at least have something normal to enjoy. As you are replacing two of your normal meals with their really low calorie alternatives then by the end of the day you won’t have consumed many calories at all (usually just over a thousand).

The best part though is that you don’t need to agonize over what you should be eating throughout the day like you would with a more traditional diet, as you know you should only eat the food they give you. All the diets in this category are pretty similar in what they ask you to do, however there is a lot of variation in the items they give you to replace your normal meals. For instance one of the most popular of these diets is the Medifast diet which uses powdered food along with snacks bars as the bulk of its food items, and they all have added nutrients in them as well. Then on the other end of the spectrum you have Nutrisystem which use real food which is delivered in frozen portions.

You need to have a think before you order one which you think would suit you best. The only real difference between the two is convenience. It is a lot easier to carry around little sachets of powder to make a milkshake or a soup with, or a packet of special cookies or snack bars for instance, than it is to carry around a frozen portion of real food which you then need to heat up. Yet some people might hate the thought of just having liquid food all the time, so for them then the readymade meals are going to give them some real food to chew on.

Of course don’t forget you need to buy the food to follow this diet each month, and that is going to cost you a good chunk of money. You have to take into account though that you will be spending less on normal groceries, so the cost isn’t anywhere near as much as it first appears. They are worth paying a bit extra for though I think, after all people don’t tend to have much success with the normal kind diet. So if you have to pay a bit more to get a diet which you are actually going to stick to and get results with then that is going to be well worth it.

Spend some time learning exactly how you can keep at your target weight once you get there though. Not every diet actually tells you what to do when you reach your target weight though, some only care about what it takes to get there, in which case you need to search online and you should find lots of great information to help you out.

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