What Health Care Reform Means to Medical Tourism

What does Health Care reform mean for Medical Tourism.

Great news for Medical Tourism everybody, Health Care reform in the United States is so ineffectual and poorly designed that the most basic results will be that Health Care insurance and Health Care prices are expected to zoom almost 70% in the first year according to Deloitte. The effect will be to drive more individuals and more multinationals to seek solace in medical tourism options. For the insurance companies that are adroit (and this is not many) look forward to increasing use of the Global health Insurance model and an ever rising demand for medical tourism. For those companies in the Medical Tourism business you owe a very large thank you to the negligence and stupidity of the American government. Although a tip of the hat to the greed of the insurance companies and tort seekers would be a nice gesture.

The first and most obvious change that will be noticed is that all people will be required to own health insurance and all insurance companies will be required to distribute health care to everyone, pre-existing conditions notwithstanding. Bottom line is a shift will occur whereby healthy people will be funding sicker people and an overall increase in the use of the system will ensue meaning a general overall cost increase and by corollary an increase in insurance premiums.

Basically health care reform will do absolutely nothing to reform the true basic problems of health care in America. It will not address ridiculous malpractice insurance premiums and a tort system that resembles justice less than the megabucks lottery. It doesn’t address medicare and insurance fraud, and do not forget billing fraud on behalf of the medical profession. So yippee for health care reform, at least from the Medical Tourism view.

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