Well Being And A Heathier Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may be easier than we believe and often depends upon simple good sense. Healthy eating and avoiding greasy and sugary foods is essential and regular exercise will help us keep fitter and generally feel better about ourselves.

Consuming too much alcolhol is likewise bad for you and in addition fattening so try and limit your alcoholic intake to 1 or 2 glasses per week. Smoking is also a definite no, no as it can result in serious medical issues like coronary disease, lung cancer and other heath issues. So if you are a smoker then stop smoking Bognor as soon as you can.

We have been told that eating fresh fruits s good for us, however did you know that eating fruit immediately after a meal does no good for us at all and is better eaten between or before you eat. Eaten immediately after a meal your body will just store it as unused energy.

Drinking plenty of water is also beneficial and doctors recommend we have between 8 and ten glasses per day. Try and drink a glass before eating a meal as sometimes when we think we’re hungry we’re actually dehydrated.

Foods to be avoided are chips, potatoes and instant oat meal as these types of foods the body reduces into sugar too quickly. Substitute white bread for wholemeal and eat wheat and barley cereals as an alternative. Eating raw veggies are likewise good for you and the darker the colour the more nutrients they have.

Protein is yet another important part of your diet plan and some superb sources include beans, fish and protein bars. It is necessary that your body has the right amount of protein so ensure these foods are part of your daily diet.

Starting daily exercise is important too once you have your nutritious diet plan sorted. Not only will it make you feel much healthier but will also tone your body and enjoying daily walks or runs is also a great way to make new buddies!
Remember that regular exercise increases your metabolic process so may also make you drop some weight when joined with a healthy, sugar free diet.
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