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Each of us from grandmothers heard and it also really irreproachably sounds from the medical point of view that it is necessary to eat a carrot to see in the dark. About night blindness there are mentions in the Egyptian papyruses. Ancient doctors ordered to eat a liver of a bull for the patients who were suffering this illness.

The modern medicine knows that the liver, whether it is a liver of a bull, the calf, a bear or a cod, contains considerable amount of vitamin A. And if there is deficiency of vitamin A at patients such symptoms as sight easing in the dark are often observed. Deficiency of vitamin A can provoke also development dryness of eyes, up to the appearance of corneas, sensitivity infringement, reddening and swelling of eyelids and also dryness and turbidity of a cornea.

Results of variety of epidemiological researches show that beta carotene, and also vitamins C and E positively influence visual functions. So, for example, they reduce the risk of disease like a cataract, and also slow down the process of the further development of already developed disease. In the literature there are some facts that the long use of vitamins of group B, in particular thiamine, improves sight at people with early stages of glaucoma, and reception of vitamin C also promotes normalization of intraocular pressure. And well known vitamin A participates in formation of a photosensitive pigment of cages of an eye.

Degenerative processes in a retina are at the bottom of blindness of the majority of senior people and mostly in people of 65 years age. It is proved that the regular intake of vitamins C and E, beta carotene and zinc considerably reduces the risk of development and progressing of this pathology, and the risk of loss of sight decreases for 19 per cents.

Other often meeting disease, especially among older persons is cataract. Recent researches have shown that risk of occurrence of a cataract more low at people with higher maintenance of antioxidant vitamins in blood vitamins, like for example, vitamins A, C, E. In group of the patients that were taking vitamin C for more than 10 years the risk of development of early displays of a cataract is reduced to 77 per cents and risk of development of an insufficient transparency of a crystalline lens on 83 per cents more low than among people who do not take this vitamin. On the other hand, it is proved that mega doses of vitamin C can also be the cause of the development of a cataract and are counter-indicative at this disease.

That is why for the people who are suffering from the decrease or infringement of visual function it is important to receive sufficient, but not excessive amount of vitamins.

It is strange, but people are not using the powers that are given right into their hands. It is obvious that right now we live in the world where knowledge makes life easier. And this comes down to the vitamins as well.

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