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Vitamins and herbs are good, economical medication for numerous common health conditions. It’s true that there are lot of pharmaceutical drugs which will do a better job, depending on the condition. However, there are so lot of cases in which vitamins and herbs can correct and treat common health conditions; it’s certainly worth taking a look. It seems that every time we visit the physician for treatment of a health condition, we’re handed a prescription that creates wallet shock when you go to pay for it. A few of these and you find yourself wondering how you’ll meet other necessary household expenses. In lot of cases, you can get the same or even better results with a vitamin supplement and herbs, without the side effects of the pharmaceutical product. These herbs go a step further, helping to correct the cause, rather than just momentarily allaying the symptoms.

latest science has a pharmaceutical remedy for virtually every health condition. Allopathic physicians are not generally acquainted in natural remedies or nutrition. As a result, we’re being steered away from low-priced natural remedies, which have been used for thousands of years to relieve and correct conditions, from indigestion to menopause. Using vitamins and herbs suitably, you can, in many cases, save hundreds of dollars which can be put to better use elsewhere! Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways you can put vitamins and herbs to work for you, safely and effectively . Do you have a vitamin discrepancy causing the problem? Might the answer to your indigestion be as simple as preparing foods with herbs that counter dyspepsia? Turmeric, scotch broom and ginger tea have been used for centuries to effectively ease indigestion and heartburn.

How about cholesterol and cardiac problems? Garlic has been demonstrated to be evenly effective in reducing the LDL (bad) levels, while boosting HDL (good) levels, when compared with expensive pharmaceuticals. The ordinary culinary herb, rosemary, is a confirmed tonic for the heart, as is Motherwort. Hawthorne berry also has a tonic effect on the entire cardiovascular system. Naturopathic medicine treats health conditions from a holistic perspective. Let’s say you suffer from heartburn and indigestion. Perhaps you’re eating the wrong foods.

There are literally dozens of common health problems that may be effectively treated with a vitamin and herb program. Consulting with qualified nutritionists and herbalists is a fine first step. At little expense, you can find relief for your condition and your wallet! Nervous tension and anxiety are common health problems these days. Try some vitamins and herbs before you fill expensive prescriptions which generally are potentially addictive. Passion flower, St. John’s wort, valerian and skullcap are all effective natural remedies.

Calcium and magnesium supplements, in a balanced ratio, are valuable in treating these conditions . Cayenne pepper deeply improves circulation. Beta carotene and vitamin E, taken as supplements, or in foods, are of terrific help to heart patients. Omega-3 supplements, found in substantial quantities in cold water fish, are exceptional in protecting the heart against disease. There are lot of other vitamins and herbs that help prevent and in some cases, can even reverse injure.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, supplements of magnesium may bring considerable relief. Most Americans consume way too much calcium, creating a magnesium deficiency. As with heart conditions , Omega 3 supplements are good remedy for the osteoarthritis patient. Capsaicin cream, available in tubes at the health food shop, can be used topically for potent pain relief at affected sites. It works by reducing perception of pain, triggering endorphins, our brain’s natural response to pain.

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