Vicerex – Is This Product Suitable For You

Vicerex is a fast acting male enhancement supplement which uses the popular herbs Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus Terrestris which have been shown to work in improving sexual function. It claims to take result in only 20 minutes and continue for up to 4 days and it is noted to function even if you have consumed alcohol. It has also stated to possess the capability to treat impotency or erectile dysfunction, end premature ejaculation, improve sexual pleasure, and possibly help provide multiple orgasms.


Vicerex includes Eurycoma Longifolia, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, and Ginkgo Biloba,


Vicerex states that it is safe and effective “even when combined with alcohol.” Alcoholic beverages is an essential component of the social and dating environment and as we all know too much alcohol consumption can render even the most virile guy temporarily impotent. If the makers of Vicerex did uncover a mixture of ingredients that counteracted the effects of alcohol consumption on a man’s sexual performance it would be a truly intriguing discovery. However the issue still remains: Is Vicerex truly safe and effective to use with alcohol? If this is so it must have some procedure available for assuring that the body specifically the liver from not troubled when taking both the supplement and alcohol in the body. Most of the time mixing organic products with alcohol is a very terrible idea. If the liver has already been dealing with blood alcohol including the additional problem of herbs in the body can lead to liver injury. Unfortunately it doesn’t actually possess any special method to avoid potential liver injury.


Vicerex looks a lot more like a short lived remedy to a more severe problem. Sexual activity is something that a person must recognize every day even if the activity isn’t every day. Supplements that encourage natural methods to enhance sexual function may be more advisable. Its formulation has elements of testosterone improvement but does not appear to have a strong ingredient to increased blood circulation. The adding of Ginkgo Biloba in its components suggests that it may encourage blood circulation to the male organ but did not do what was supposed to be most effective for. Actually an extract like Yohimbe that is very effective for this goal would have been a greater choice.

Overall since Vicerex claims to work quickly when taken and safe and effective even with alcohol the truth is it does not contain any special method to avoid potential liver injury. Due to this and the inability of it to work quickly as promised I would recommend you to search for other products that have been proven to work. Source:Climaxgen

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