Vegetarian vs Non-Vegetarian Spouses: Tips for Surviving

Many people become vegetarians because doing so offers many health benefits. Even with these benefits in mind, most people can’t give up eating meat. If you’ve decided to become a vegetarian but your spouse hasn’t, it can make certain aspects of your marriage very difficult.

Your spouse needs to understand that you aren’t doing it to spite them, but that you’re doing it for the health benefits instead. You two need to respect each other’s beliefs though.

An easy way to deal with this situation is to expand your arsenal of recipes. There are dishes that you can make to satisfy both of you. You shouldn’t expect your non-vegetarian spouse to eat meals that he or she doesn’t like at all.

Things can get very difficult when eating out at restaurants. Hopefully, the menu will have items that are suitable for vegetarians. It’s best that you research restaurants thoroughly before going out to one. You should try to find a restaurant that offers something for both of your tastes.

You may want your partner to become a vegetarian just because you have. Make sure you don’t try to pressure your partner excessively. It’s best to avoid starting an argument over something so trivial.

The best way to go about it is to enjoy your decision yourself. There’s nothing like showing by example. Your partner will likely make the switch after seeing how it has helped you out.

It’s also a good idea for you to have reading material around your home. Your spouse can make the decision to learn about the topic themselves. It’s much better than being pressured to make the change.

The situation will become even more difficult when children enter the picture. You two will have to decide what type of lifestyle your child has. Having the ability to compromise will go a long way when discussing this subject.

It’s vital that you know that becoming a vegetarian isn’t for everyone. You should avoid trying to pressure your partner to make changes. Merely living these two different lifestyles will present obstacles in itself. If you have trouble working through these issues, then it may be helpful to consult an outside party.Doc No.lkhjsdklsd-ssj

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