Utilizing a Memory Foam Seat Cushion to Make Office Sitting More Pleasant

Office work means a lot of sitting, generally up to 8 hours a day. No matter your job function, if you function in an office type of environment, you most likely spend considerable time in an office chair and these aren’t always comfortable or healthy for your back. A memory foam seat cushion can help make sitting all day in a office much less unpleasant.

No matter what job function you do in an office, you most likely spends considerable time seated. Workplace chairs nowadays tend to be much better than they were even a decade ago, however many people still suffer from chronic back pain or even coccyx because of bad support in their office chair. Back trouble isn’t the only condition associated with sitting, bad posture, cramping pains, and chronic body aches may also be an issue with people who sit down long periods of time in an office.

Obviously you can try altering your chair, and this may fix your own problems. But it’s a costly solution and not always a highly effective one. Nevertheless there are items available now that enhance the confort and support of an office chair that many have success with. A memory foam seat cushion is a support system you utilize together with your chair that provide extra support in the high pressure points of your back and upper body, giving it the boost needed to avoid chronic pain.

Memory foam seat cushions come in a variety of styles and designs, but most either have a pad part which you take a seat on, and may have a lumbar part behind your back. The concept is to use a more supportive type of material on places like your lower back to enhance your chair’s built-in support, and relieve pain such as that caused by coccyx. They tend to have more of an orthopedic design, instead of the stylish and d├ęcor design of a chair, and tend to be solely centered on the comfort and support of the sitter.

Memory foam is the usual materials with regard to these types of seat cushions because of its unique qualities in providing body support. Memory foam is a firm but gentle material that effectively molds to what ever is actually imprinted on to it. The ‘memory’ part of the material refers to the fact that it retains the molded shape longer than many other materials, which makes it ideal with regard to such things as seat cushions that are supporting curved designs like the human body.

The memory foam seat cushion is easily added to your own chair, generally simply by placing it on top of the chair although some have connection straps to maintain it in position. You are able to experiment with slightly different positions of the cushion and see what gives greatest support. The greatest part is the fact that installing, replacing, or even trying a new memory foam seat cushion is much less costly than trying a new office chair.

These types of seat cushions have found their way into other applications as well, as you will discover them being used in the home, as car lumbar support cushions, or just about any other situation where there’s extented sitting. Some people actually transport their cushion from chair to chair to make sure they get the exact same support wherever they are seated.

So if you are seeking to improve your sitting comfort and ease while in the office, especially if you suffer from from back pain or soreness, think about a memory foam seat cushion as a possible solution.

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