Useful Holistic Nutrition Tips To Help You Relieve The Constipation

Constipation can be an extremely painful condition and, if you don’t treat it, it can lead to ongoing health problems. There are many reasons why you may suffer from constipation, including a dependency on laxatives, hyperthyroidism or bad reflexes; do you disregard the normal ‘call to action’ when it occurs, which can cause your body to not spot the trigger?

The American Gastroenterological Association estimates that $750 million is spent every year by Americans on laxatives and as with any other artificial stimulants, your body can become dependent on them, in this case leading to further bowel dysfunction. Stopping their use leads to an extended period of discomfort as your body tries to remember what it is supposed to do!

Hypothyroidism can be a common concern, particularly in women over the age of 40. Your under active thyroid gland can lead to constipation, which in turn may mask the underlying problem.

Try to eat vegetables and other foods that are known to be rich in fiber, as part of a holistic nutrition diet. Organic flax seeds can add additional fiber and should be added in ground form and sprinkled on your food. Avoid foods known for being low in nutrition, including processed foods, junk foods and fast foods. If you find yourself attracted to large amounts of fast foods you may have a sugar addiction, which is a danger to your general wellbeing anyway and must be controlled.

If you have irritable bowel syndrome, you may need to try and balance the good and bad bacteria and should investigate a high quality probiotic to see if you can achieve your natural balance this way. Remember that exercising is very important and a proper regime stimulates circulation and the function of all your internal organs, including intestines and bowels.

Magnesium and aloe vera should be your first choice if you need to add supplements to your diet. One third of a cup of pure organic aloe vera juice can be added to a cup of pure water, a teaspoon full of powdered acidophilus and two teaspoonfuls of ground flax seed. This cleansing drink should be blended well and consumed before you go to bed or on an empty stomach. This is sure to clean out your intestinal tract.

Always heed the call of nature and never wait longer than you have to for a bowel movement. If you do so, water will be removed from the stool and absorbed into your body and this will make it much harder to complete the movement and over time will definitely prevent you from remaining regular.

Integrating these tips into your lifestyle and investigating holistic health solutions will help you to reduce your symptoms of constipation, get your life back on track and cure any number of ailments, many of which you were not even aware of!

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