Use of DePuy Pinnacle in Hip Replacement Surgery

The hips might be one of the most disregarded parts of the body. Medically referred to as “coxa”, they carry the weight of our upper body and provide stability so we can walk, stand or run. Also, it allows the legs in space to be mobile and it is responsible in transferring the upper body pressure to the lower limbs. It disrupts life’s normal processes if affected with a disease or trauma. Some of the common problems related to the hips are arthritis and hip injuries. Aging has been considered as the main cause of arthritis but genetics can also be a factor such as hip dysplasia, the most common genetic cause of hip arthritis. Those with severe arthritic hips may have injuries and fractures if not given immediate attention. Also, a bone disease called osteoporosis is another that can lead to fractures.

In the United States, the most common injury is hip fracture. The best treatment option for hip fractures is a hip replacement surgery, but the patient must be considered fit for the operation. As with any other surgery, complications are present especially if the device is defective such as in the case of Pinnacle, wherein a DePuy Pinnacle lawsuit has been filed. As we age, our body’s normal defenses will significantly weaken and diseases will be sprouting like a bunch of mushrooms. Osteoporosis and other diseases of the joints are common and they are usually found in the upper age group around 65 and above.

Medical Management of Hip Injuries

As stated above, hip replacement is the preferred choice in correcting severely injured hips. However, the search for less invasive procedures is on since most of those who’ll have surgery are around 65 and up. Hip Replacement Surgery is a procedure that is done to get rid of the injured part and will be replaced with a hip device. The objective of the procedure is to rid the patient from pain as well as return the normal function of the hips. The prognosis for this procedure is good but the complications due to defective devices are alarming. One example is the metal-on-metal device Pinnacle, a DePuy manufactured product. Based on reports, patients suffered because of the premature loosening of the implants and symptoms include difficulty in any activity that exerts pressure on the hips and mobility is compromised. Reports of metal toxicity were also heard as some of the metal bits from the device may enter the bloodstream. A number of people have filed a DePuy Pinnacle lawsuit because of the damage and suffering it caused them.

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