Types of Insurance Offered Even If You Are Unemployed and Why You Should Have Medical Insurance Now

With the present economy, a lot of Americans have lost their employment and with that they have also lost their Maryland healthcare plans . With the low amount of jobs available, many Americans are also turning to jobs where they are self employed which also makes it difficult to afford medical insurance or Maryland HSA. This article will discuss various ways unemployed people or self employed workers can receive and afford medical insurance and why it is imperative to do so.
The H1N1 virus more commonly called the Swine flu has steadily climbed affecting all states in the nation currently . The vaccine for this flu is still being worked on and the number of Americans contracting this sometimes deadly virus is growing . Recent news reports and articles have stated that health officials are concerned that the start of school beginning in the next few weeks for a lot of states, the swine flu will spread quickly prior to the vaccine to stop it becomes available. There were even some reports that compared it to the huge flu pandemic in the early 1900’s that killed thousands of thousands of citizens.
This new virus is just one example of why it is so important for people to have goodaffordable health care so they can receive not only the preventive measures like vaccines but also the medical helpattention that they may need if they get very ill without putting them in a horrible financial situation from high medical expenses . Having well visits or checkups as well as other routine medical care can greatly decrease the chances of having a more serious health problem in the future. For example if a woman with medical insurance that regularly gets checkups including her yearly mammogram, she can get an early detection of a possible malignant lump in her breast that may be too small to feel at the time. This early detection ensures the most positive result.
People that are unemployed or self employed tend not to have medical insurance because it is so expensive . There are however some options that they may look into . If you are unemployed temporarily, and had received health insurance from your previous employer there is a good way to maintain your same medical insurance by getting on a COBRA plan. This is good for a temporary time in between jobs that will allow you and your family to maintain the same coverage that had been provided by your former employer.
Another option for unemployed in addition to self-employed people is to find short term coverage with a variety of insurance companies. Because the economy is so difficult , they are seeing more and morea greater number of people requesting short-term health insurance plans . Another option is to find a private policy or a group that will give you a better rate for your circumstances than a traditional company might be able to offer you and your family. Having a private medical insurance plan also gives you more choices on what doctors you can visit in addition to what hospitals you may visit .

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