Treadmill And Recumbent Bike Are Great For Weight Loss And Healthy Heart – Never Too Old To Do Cardio Workout

Regardless we are trying to lose weight or improve a good health, cardio exercise is a perfect method to achieve our purpose. It is simply because cardio exercise would boost the body’s metabolism and get rid of fat and calories.

Thus, by doing cardio exercise we could realize that we become lighter and healthier. Workouts like running, jogging, walking and cycling all are perfect cardio exercises to get rid of calories and lose weight, and they can be achieved both indoor and outdoor. With that said, a carefully planned healthy diet should be embraced to a cardio exercise plan in order to meet the best result.

When we get older, our body declines, we move slower and take longer time to respond to the surrounding.

All these have an incorrect impression that it is too late and difficult for seniors to do cardio exercise. It is just incorrect. In fact, it is just the opposite. Cardio health is one of the most concerns among seniors, and cardio exercise can surely assist to keep up a healthy heart and slow down the deterioration of our body. There are a lot of cardio exercise equipments and exercise plans designed and available for the seniors. Among all, low impact exercise equipments are excellent for them.

When a lot of people prefer outdoor activities to accomplish their cardio exercise, it will be better to maintain their exercise routines with indoor exercise equipments, especially when the climate doesn’t make outdoor activities possible, for examples extreme heat or cold. The most widely used fitness equipments are treadmill and recumbent bike, and everybody can use them and take the benefit of them with no problem.

Treadmill is extremely easy to use, and it doesn’t require training to make it an excellent cardio exercise equipment as all you need to do on a treadmill is walking, jogging and running. You would set it up with different level to reach your physical condition. So, it is very good and work well with any age. Simply increase the speed and raise the incline level, then you can walk quicker with more resistance. For the seniors, simply do the opposite to adjust it to your pace.

One important thing to mention is that in order to improve and maintain your cardio health successful, you should find out your target heart rate that is typically calculated based on your age and body weight. The target heart rate is a monitor of your physical exercise level. It is recommended that you exercise up to the your target heart rate and sustain the exercise for around 30 mins to make the full benefit of your cardio exercise.

Some individuals, for examples seniors and those are overweight, it may be difficult to sustain 30 mins exercise at their target heart rate level.

Don’t be too concerned about it. Simply try to start with ten mins with low intensity, and then increase the intensity gradually everyday until you would sustain the exercise at your target heart rate for 30 mins. The good thing about working out on an indoor fitness equipment is that there is no competition. All you need to do is to take your time, pace yourself and work up to your goal.

Another great indoor fitness machine is recumbent bike, and it is especially perfect for seniors due to its low impact characteristic. Recumbent bike is distinguished from regular straight-up bike while recumbent bike can also achieve the same purpose as the regular bike does. Recumbent bike has a tough and comfortable reclining back support that you would lean backward when you are cycling on the bike. Thus, you would reduce the pressure and stress on your back and neck. This is absolutely the reason that recumbent bike is great for seniors as well as those who have low back pain.

When majority of individuals know the importance of cardio exercise to keep up a good health, not many individuals would actually continue with their exercise routines for many reasons, for examples busy and sudden altered plans, bad weather, traffic and needless to say the laziness of commuting to a fitness center. So that,
it may be the right time for you to install a cardiovascular fitness home gym now.

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