Tips On Growing Aloe Vera Plant – For Aloe Vera Medicinal

Aloe vera is a moist plant and this would definitely allude to the fact that it can retain a lot of water. The fact is that aloe vera plant holds roughly 95% water. Aloe Vera Plant is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. However, growing aloe vera plant in warm weather will allow it to flourish better. Growing aloe vera plant indoors is usually what most people do.

Plants Used for Medicine

Aloe vera plant can be put in a plant pot and placed at the kitchen window of a home as long as there is appropriate sunlight coming through. Some people use it to decorate their window. However, for the most part, Aloe Vera is used for health reasons.

Aloe Vera Juice benefits the body internally, but is also used externally on skin abrasions such as burns, rash and stings. Let us find out know how you can take care of aloe vera plants to get the most benefit. Find out more about Plants Used for Medicine.

Select a plant pot that is wide and can be drained of too much watering. Put a few gravels or smaller rocks in the pot bottom.
Insert the Aloe Vera inside the plant pot by using cactus mix soil or any other type of mixed soil combined with sand.

Position the aloe vera plant in a location that has more sunlight. If you keep it indoors, find a place on or near to the window that gets enough sunlight. If you keep the plant outside, you should remember to move it inside the home when the temperature drops to a freeze or cold.

Pour water on the aloe vera plant as soon as you see that the soil that you put around the plant has dried out. Never put too much water on your aloe vera plant. During the colder months, aloe vera plants maintain dormancy and there is no need to water them.

There will be smaller plants that sprout around the bigger aloe vera plant. Be sure to remove those. They are called pups. Wait until they get to be about three inches tall before removing them. Why? Well, you can place them, then in their own plant pots after your remove them. These pups will grow up to be bigger aloe vera plants like the first one you planted and repeat the process of producing more pups that you can do the same thing with.

You can add fertilizer to your during the springtime. You must, however, use a mix that is 10-40-10, which you can get at your local home and garden store.

Tips and Warnings of Growing Aloe Vera

You can use the Aloe vera pups to your family and friends as gifts. You will always have more.

If your aloe vera plant has turned yellow even though it is in the right climate that would mean that you are giving it too much water or you may not be properly draining it. Try not to give the aloe vera plant too much water and make sure it has a good drainage system.

Do not leave your aloe vera plant outdoors when it is cold. The aloe vera plant consists mostly of water and will freeze in the cold.

If you want to know more about how to take care of aloe vera plants, go to Plants Used for Medicine.

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