These Pelvic Floor Exercises Will Relieve Your From Your Bladder Problems

25 million adults in the US have this type of condition.

Quoting Dr. David Glazier, the the co-director of Richmond’s Pelvic Floor Centre. “Urinary incontinence happens very slowly and can be very bothersome; people have this notion that it’s all part of getting old.”

But it does not have to be. This condition can also occur to various age groups, and not just with the older folks.

– Women during pregnancy and after giving birth

– Extreme sports athletes

– People going through a lot of stress

– Those who have had prolapse

There are a lot of medical procedures that your doctor can recommend but there is one easy way for you to treat it now. You are definitely going to feel better after a few weeks of continuously doing pelvic floor exercises. During pilates sessions, I teach these exercises. I have also had prolapse a few years ago but I no longer suffer from bladder problems because of these exercises.

Your pelvic floor muscles resemble the shape of a sling and are located at the base of your torso, just below the abdomen. They play an important role in helping to hold everything up. It’s no question why they get damaged overtime.

To help strengthen it, try these pelvic floor exercises lying on your back and with your knees bent.

– Take in a deep breath

– As you exhale you need to contract the pelvic floor by drawing in up into the body. This action MUST be done on the exhaled breath

– Tip for women : Draw up area around vagina

– Tip for men: (yes, men do have a pelvic floor), draw up the testicles

Please try these exercises, they’re so easy to do and much safer than a surgical procedure which currently has a 50% success rate. It’s really effective!

Pamela White is a qualified and experienced Pilates exercises pelvic floor exercises tips and techniques to help you feel great and improve your bladder control.

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