The Pharmaceutical Industry And FDA Compliance

If asked to name one thing that affects our life in most phases one would hardly say pharmaceuticals. However very few people will live from birth to death without needing pharmaceuticals in some way. We need more help through medicines as we get older but even young healthy people will need them at some time. FDA Compliance ensures that the drugs we take are as safe as possible.

Many people’s daily lives are affected by pharmaceuticals. So it is obvious that the rising cost of medicines will concern us. Even though pharmaceuticals might cause a strain on your finances, there is little to be done about it. If a person is suffering from a certain disease and the doctor prescribes him a medicine, he must purchase it whether it suits his pocket or not. Hence there is a great need to regulate the prices of drugs, at least to watch that its price is not much above the cost incurred plus a marginal profit for the manufacturing company. At the moment some companies are charging extraordinary prices for their medicines.

The research and development of new drugs is something that big pharmaceutical companies are involved with. R & D uses up millions of pounds of a company’s money every year. Based on market requirements and demands, companies try hard to invent a suitable drug to cure any ailment. However once any drug has been developed it must be passed by the regulating authority, the FDA. FDA compliance governs the stages of research, development and manufacture that have been undergone for any new drug before being exposed to consumers. Only once the drug has been approved by the FDA can it enter the market.

Animal and human tests are conducted on the drugs before they are given to the FDA for approval. During these tests the effectiveness of the drug will be confirmed and side effects will be examined and improved. All of these tests are to make sure that patients are not put in risk by taking these medicines.

As the pharmaceutical industry grows on a worldwide scale there is much more competition. The marketing of drugs is also regulated by the FDA to ensure that companies cannot oversell their products to consumers.

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