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Now-a-days, we see a lot of people involved in exercise and diet plans to become slim & trim and to live a healthy life. But practically it has been found that most of them do not stick to their scheduled health and fitness program, shortly they lose their enthusiasm and come back to their old routine.

Generally the people who fall in this category are those who start in a self-planned way and engage in a home fitness program. The real problem lies somewhere else. The real problem is that such people do not follow the appropriate program in right perspective. For a perfect plan for health and diet it is not important that what program you are following. The main aspect is to design a well planned strategy. And to reach your desired goal , you need professional guidance and discipline.

The key requirement of your diet, health and fitness program is discipline. You just can not expect to succeed without proper direction and determination. This philosophy is applicable everywhere whether you follow your program at home or at a fitness centre. Therefore, if you follow inconsistant and unfocused approach this will lead to nowhere. You will end up in confusion that what you are doing and what will you get.

There will also be one more drawback that you start over expecting the results. The people who start a new health and fitness program fall under this category. Generally, people expect unrealistic results and when they do not get what they expect, the result is frustration and disappointment. If you are planning to start your health and fitness program at home then my suggession is that there is no need to buy any exercise equipment. We feel bored by using the same exercise machine again and again. After using it for some time we try to avoid it and find that we again start gaining weight and accomulating fat.

My suggession is to take control over your food temptations. The intake of food is an important factor in bringing the desired results. The exercise equipment should not be placed in the end corner of your home where nobody likes to go. In my view, a home health and fitness program is more advantageous than joining a fitness centre but the main requirements to get the desired output are effective planning and your will power.

To live a healthy and fit life, you should go for a long-term plan. So, your home fitness plan should not be short-term but it should be a long-term planning and you should strive to achieve wholesome health and fitness.

The quantum of food intake should be included in your overall strategy.

You are also required to plan for your rest period. You should also make a chart for your daily or weekly workout plans. Maintain a progress report, that can help you to determine the level of achievement against your goals. You are required to set your specific and realistic goals. When you know what you want, you can plan your strategy that is required to achieve the desired health and fitness goal.

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