The Reason You Should Blink More Frequently

Ever thought about how often you blink? As absurd as it sounds, blinking is a thing that you must think about if you want to protect and preserve your vision. Let’s quickly explore why blinking is necessary to eyesight and what you can do in order to ensure that you blink frequently enough.

Blinking is crucial for good vision in countless ways. It protects the eyes from various germs and other dangerous particles, it assists tears to cover all over the eye surface and to lubricate it, and it rests the eyes. Regular blinking is important for stopping numerous vision disorders and particularly for Dry Eye prevention.

Since blinking is an instinctive process folks are barely concerned about it. A person opens and closes their eyelids between ten and twelve times per minute on average . However, the instant a person starts reading or gazing at something, for instance when watching Television or working on a laptop, their blink rate decreases drastically. This is when eyesight issues like blurred vision, eye itchiness, eye strain and eye fatigue start to surface.

Fortunately, there’s a simple yet realy useful vision exercise that provides a good solution to forestall vision issues caused by irregular blinking. Unlike the other eye exercises, Blinking vision exercise is easy to master and can be done nearly at any place and at any point of the day.

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