The Medicines Which Your Doctor Is Prescribing Might Be Causing You To Be Unwell

For people who have ever been sick, I know you understand that once you go to the doctor, he tells you what is wrong and will provide you with drugs to cope with it. Another thing you’ll find, in case you are like almost all of the folks out there, you’ll just take the medicine mainly because everyone believes that the doctor knows best. Simply because of all of the side effects that are associated with most medications, folks should actually be asking their doctors a lot of questions. What we are going to try to do in this article is to make you understand how important it is to ask your doctors questions and how it can effect your overall health.

Your body has the ability to beat just about any sickness, if it is allowed to do so and you need to make sure your body has what it needs to fight sickness. You’ll realize that there are many veggies and fruits that are considered miracle foods due to the healing powers they have. The fact is that the veggies and fruits are not really fighting your sickness, they’re giving your body the proper nutrition to fight off the sickness on its own. Garlic and propolis, which is actually a resin from tree bark and leaves that bees use to sterilize themselves, are both regarded as an all natural antibiotic and also immune system booster.

You need to realize that there are side effects of traditional antibiotics that the majority of folks haven’t really thought of before taking them. You are going to realize that there are many side effects which happen rather quickly for example shortness of breath, hives, vaginal itching as well as white patches on your tongue I understand that these unwanted side effects are not something which will effect every person who needs to take antibiotics, the question for you is, is it worth the risk? Another thing that the doctors do not tell you about the antibiotics that they prescribe is that they’re able to end up making you get sicker more often as the antibiotics will have a negative effect on your immune system.

Side effects are something which come with just about any type of prescription medication and they’re not limited to antibiotics. I know you have seen and heard that a lot of medications which were approved by the FDA end up being recalled after several years on account of the amount of deaths the medications caused. One of my favorite commercials on TV right now is the one for the anti-depressants which actually tell you to stop working with the medication if you have feelings of suicide. While the feelings of suicide stands out as the main side effect there are more side effects that come with this medication.

If you check around on the internet or in medical journals you’ll realize that just about all medication has hazardous side effects. Some of these other side effects of other medications are things like, stokes, blood clots, as well as different kinds of cancers.

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