The Link Between Panic Attacks and Alcohol

Alcohol is one of those elements which many folks turn to when we are looking out for a way to unwind and relax after a long, hard day. Alcohol can help us unwind and take the edge off of our nerves because we feel calmer and happier after consuming alcoholic drinks, when we do it in moderation. The only problem is that so few of us will essentially drink in moderation. What we donot realize is that the more we drink, the more likely we are going to be to suffer from panic attacks. Panic attacks and alcohol are actually terribly strongly related, as one will have a direct influence on the other.

You could suffer with panic episodes routinely, as it is caused by issues in the brain which have you reacting unnecessarily to understood threats and perils. This causes your body to go into a state of emergency, heightening your senses and forcing you to react badly to things going on around you. This naturally appears like stress and as a result, some people may turn to alcohol. Panic episodes and alcohol are 2 things which shouldnot be mixed, however.

This is because of the effect which alcohol has on the body. In tiny amounts, it can introduce positive elements, helping your body to function properly. In big quantities , however , you will find that alcohol basically takes critical nutrient elements from the body and will work on dehydrating it. This plays a big part on the liver, which now has to suffer and work harder to renew those elements. That distracts the liver from making serotonin and other body chemicals, something which plays into both panic attacks and alcohol.

Serotonin itself is a chemical presence in the body which works with the brain, helping to control it. When panic fits start to come on, serotonin is an element which can help to calm the brain again and keep it in a healthful state. Naturally, while you will experience panic episodes anyway, a dearth of serotonin is only making your attacks far worse. This is why panic attacks and alcohol shouldnot mix. When you do combine the 2, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to get your body into the regulation which it needs to be in for the best possible healthy states. You won’t be ready to properly control your panic episodes and you will experience them to an even higher degree.

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