The Kegel Exercise For Man

After looking at the popularity of the Kegel exercises for women, Kegel exercises for men were also introduced. In case of women, primarily the exercise is used for restricting the untimely flow of urine, but in men this exercise is used for many other purposes. It provides primary relief from irregular urine flow and also helps to get rid of pre-mature ejaculation. People experiencing pain and swelling because of inflammation in the prostate gland can have benefit from these exercises. It is also reported that these exercises have other benefits, such as those pertaining to sexual life.

Just like women, men also can perform this exercise in a similar way. However, you should know about the muscles to be exercised. To know this, when you go to the toilet for urination, just try to stop the urine flow completely. Once you do that, you’ll come to know about the requisite muscles for the purpose that will need exercises outside the toilet. You can then, do the exercises anywhere you like and at any time you wish. Though many men do so at irregular intervals, it is helpful if a routine or a distinct pattern is followed to complete the exercises.

Kegel exercises for men may be done two times a day for 5 min each. This module should help those people who suffer from minor problems of the urinary flow. However, if you see that your troubles are exceeding a set limit, you must increase the amount of time you do the exercise for. You always need to do the exercises in a definite squeeze-hold-release pattern. This pattern in one set, can take five seconds to complete. But in the advanced stage, where it is required to go for a tougher pattern, you can try to hold for more than 10 sec before releasing.

There are many machines you can find in the market which will help you to perform these exercises; but it not at all necessary to buy them. It is quite easy to do Kegel exercises for men without taking any outside help, and betterment targets can be achieved easily. First you should try to do the exercises by yourself. If you are finding it hard initially, try to do it for seven days and then you must see some change in you. Initially the results may not be what you really expect, but with time you will improve. Giving up and taking resort to a machine is easy, but when it’s possible to achieve all the benefits without spending any extra money, what’s wrong in giving it a try?

Kegel exercises for men can help fight the inconsistent urine flow problem and can come very handy and useful for people of old age. You can try doing the exercises whenever possible, even when on a holiday and no one would know. In the office as well, by taking a short break and going to the toilet, you can comfortably do these exercises. It’s that easy! And since it is known to improve sex life too, that should give you the motivation to go ahead and do it.

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