The Importance Of Recalling A Nation's History

The query remains, “Where is healthcare funding going to come from?” The reserves are nearly empty, and the figures necessary to keep everything afloat keep increasing. It is certainly not a dilemma that will have a quick and easy solution, but one that should be addressed with all due haste. For the millions who do not have any insurance protection, medical healthcare funding is a critical component of what the administration is trying to achieve. The problem, as most often exists in politics, is that everyone involved wants to get some personal benefit on any laws that pass.

Some factions believe that the only group that benefits from legislation to assist in hospital expenses are the unlawful aliens living in the country. This is a worry for any American who pays taxes, but is the genuine issue who is going to benefit from legislation and who is not? With an unparalleled change in the whole fabric of the culture due to inferior lending practices and wars on distant land, many Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Those who are lucky enough to maintain a livelihood to pay expenses and stay afloat practically appear to be in the minority. Additionally, a sizeable quantity of the unprotected are people who were one time a very important part of the trade backbone of this nation.

The foundation of this country goes back to people who believed that all who would contribute to the whole were a piece of the whole, and when any part of the whole had a problem, the whole had the same. If this nation turns its back on individuals in need, then it has deserted the whole theology that made a unified country the envy of the remainder of the globe. Steadfastness in the challenge of hardship has long been the American way, and that appears to be easily forgotten when times are good for an extensive time. Now that the easy sailing is difficult to come by, the traditional creed of assisting each other is even more vital.

Everybody is not accountable for the actions that led to the present state of affairs, but assigning blame does not solve anything. It’s assured that both major political parties have contributed in some way to the state of affairs in this nation. It appears that numerous politicians spend more time attempting to prove the other party in the wrong than they do trying to repair the problem. The overall operation of this country or any other is a mixture of good and bad judgements made at all levels of accountability. It is not like the cow that started the Chicago fire; no one can isolate one instance and declare that is where it all started.

The same thing holds true for fixing the predicament and getting the country back on the path to profitability. Everybody has to pull together for the whole. A leader can’t make the whole thing right again, only attempt to direct the traffic. Each individual has the responsibility to perform a part, and that part is not pointing at the speck in someone else’s eye.

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