The Harmful Effects Of Cannabis Addiction

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug it is also known by other names like marihuana and cannabis and is derived from the cannabis plant. It is believed that Marijuana or cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in the world which is especially true in the United States In its usual herbal form this plant has flowers as well as stalks and subtending leaves of the mature pistillate of the female plants. Hash or ‘hashish’ is cannabis in its resinous form, which is a different form of this substance. And the main psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

The effect cannabis has on whomever uses it depends on its potency or strength and this is determined by the quantity of THC present. Since 1970’s the quantity of THC has increased in Marijuana. If you are a person who is vulnerable to addiction when using Marijuana you may eventually get addicted to it.

Now some of the immediate physical consequences of marijuana use are that the heart begins to beat faster as well as the pulse rate, the mouth including the throat dries up and then the last, but not the least the user gets bloodshot eyes. The heart rate can increase up to 50% of the normal rate which again is determined according to the THC levels in marijuana. Various withdrawal symptoms like stomach ache, irritation, aggression, anxiety etc can be found among Marijuana users when they are trying to stop the drug. The thing is with this drug is that addiction can come very gently.

In order to stop using Marijuana or any other lethal drugs it is necessary that the person identifies that he/she is addicted to the drug. Realizing that you are addicted to this drug is not by understanding the various withdrawal symptoms stated above but to be aware of the truth that you are struggling to stop the intake of this drug even if you want to stop it.

There are certain groups of people who try to promote marijuana but many people’s life have been ruined because of this drug, as they often become very much addicted to the drug and hence would find it difficult to abstain from using it even if they want to. If you are addicted to this drug you may not be able to control yourself from not using it and eventually that can effect your social life.

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