The Great Argument: Bottled Water Vs Home and Portable Personal Water Filtering Devices

Is there a great debate? Yes I have heard about it, but it doesn’t impact me! Governments and Corporations are down playing these arguments as a non-issue . Tax and profits Much of the debates are being brought up by small groups like the environmentalists . Many questions being raised. Why is there no real stringent laws about the quality for bottled water?

Ask yourself these questions;

  • It is more cost effective to buy bottled water?
  • I always purchase water for everyday use?
  • You purchase the bottled water out of convenience?

If you answer any of the questions they read on and see how it does effect you!

How much are you spending? Is it $10 or $20? If you bought 5 bottles per week, that is less than 1 per day, at $3 per bottle. This equates to an amazing $60 per week/week for an average family.

Are you aware that 160 million bottles a day that end up in landfill every year. No more than one third are recycled! That is over 33 million tones of discarded plastic bottles. All finishing up in landfills. This is well documented by Governments , Politician’s and Action Groups. Can you imagine how many valley’s this would fill?

What about the other Environmental impacts? What about themanufacture of the plastic bottle? Over 90grams of oil and 1620g of carbon emissions to manufacture only one plastic water bottle. Further to this, is the impact of transportation. The plastic bottles are global exported. The conservative figures are over 45 billion bottles. How many tonnes of C02 is used to move bottled water from parts of the world

This fact, by itself must make the average buyer think carefully about general Water Quality once the decomposing of the bottles hits our water ways. The facts show that to have purer quality of water a home, attaching a purifying device to your tap is the best solution.

Bottled water could be clean enough when it is first purified and placed into plastic bottles but considering its container, it doesn’t stay that way for long. A research program that investigated the best known plastic on the market, there was still a high rate of manmade chemicals leached into the water from the bottle after being stored for any length of time . {It becomes worse when stored in temperatures like warehouses and storage rooms|In high temperature environments this is fast-tracked significantly.

Another major concern other than the leached plastic is the bacteria, virus’s and chemical in bottled water. The WHO agency, undertook tests on over 100 brands of water. From those tested over 33% had an intolerable level of bacteria and viruses. Arsenic was found in a few brands.

From the website WaterWarning it is noted that there’s no chemically-free way to get safe water quality from a these plastic bottles when water is stored for long periods. The facts are it takes 7 times as much water to make a plastic bottle then the water that it can hold. Not only is this a waste of our dear resources but of time and money as well . The right way to get safe drinking water at home is from a home purifying machine.

But do you do when not at home? There’s a inexpensive answer! At less than one cent per litre, SureAqua have produced a portable water filtering unit unlike many others that actually removes bacteria, viruses and protozoa’s out of water. Designed in the units is a fail-safe water flow cut-off mechanism when it no longer effective.

The way that it works is that there’s a specifically designed membrane that only let molecules and particles through that are smaller than 0.01 nanometers that’s an incredibly five times smaller in comparison to the smallest known virus and a big 100 times smaller compared to the littlest widely known bacteria ( 1 micron ).*

The cheapest, safest and most handy technique to get the finest Water Quality to your door, is just to purchase a home water filtration device and have portable water filtration devices in your handbag, briefcase, automobile, backpack when not at home.

Take this under consideration for your house and out-of-home needs when you deciding whether to purchase a water purification device or bottled water. For the fraction of the cost of water bottles, less contamination and less environmental impact these is a genuine and effective alternative.

Do your family a favour and have a look at Sure Aqua product range, it will save you money

Note: Bacteria and viruses are being discovered each day and this might be incorrect at the time of reading.

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