The Captivating Tale About The Acai Berry Fruit

Members of the Amazon indigenous group have long been recognized for their deep knowledge about herbal treatments. The legend of the acai fruit states that once there was a tribal chief’s daughter whose name was Iaca. Itaki, Iaca’s father was faced with quite critical challenges during his reign. Because of the growing tribal population, there was a developing concern over the lack of food and soon enough there was a famine of sorts. Tribesmen then got in touch with the leader with this issue and as a result, Itaki decreed that all newborn babies were to be slain to cut back on shrinking food supply. In due course of time, Iaca’s infant came to be and since there were no exceptions to the rule even for a chief’s daughter, her child was also slain.

In her own suffering, Iaca fell into intense despair. Once at a full moon night when she was thinking about her infant, she thought that she heard her baby cry. So she went out to search for her missing infant child. The story advances with Iaca finding her baby lying below a tree with numerous purple fruits. She was ecstatic with bliss since she believed that this tree could very well feed the tribe and even preserve her daughter’s life. All through the night, she sat underneath this tree carrying her baby in her arms. The next morning, tribesmen found Iaca lying dead beneath the tree, embracing its trunk and gazing towards the heavens.

As a result the chief reversed his decree of killing newborns because the tree could provide for the tribe. He labeled the tree the ‘acai’ in honor of his daughter (‘acai’ is Iaca wrote in reverse). As time passed, folks discovered many more health benefits of acai.

The acai fruit is recognized to enhance and hasten one’s metabolism and cause a rise in energy levels. It can also help in burning fat for weight reduction and aids in detoxifying the body. People with sleep issues such as insomnia and inferior sleep are convinced that acai gives them a much better night’s slumber.

Acai fruit is yet another widely recognized antioxidant which helps eliminate free radicals in the body, thus postponing aging symptoms. Additionally, it strengthens the defense system and helps decrease LDL or bad cholesterol. Best of all, it helps improve the good cholesterol at the same time.

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