The Best Nutrition For Athletes Comes From Concentrated Natural Foods

Most serious competitors will inform you they want more results than natural foods can offer when they look for the best nutrition for athletes. First, it is the smart consumer who is aware that many of the natural foods in our grocery stores are devoid of valuable nutrition. The artificial fertilizers and pesticides used over the past century have generated unnaturally enhanced plants that are deficient of a density of nutrients necessary to afford the most powerful nutrition for athletes.

Farmers today can grow natural foods, like large green cucumbers and dazzling red peppers or tomatoes that appear high-quality, but as the soil is spent year after year, so are the nutrients. No dosage of artificial fertilizer can recreate what nature prepared for us.

The filming of a documentary about climate change underscores the concept of less nutritious food in the present day. The film featured scientists drilling holes in the Arctic to discover what was below the ice. Digging down thousands of feet they exposed what is believed to be soil that has been preserved below ice for thousands of years.

This soil from long-ago is so rich with nutrients it can be imaginable that the population of that point in time feasibly lived on powerful vegetables that were hundreds of times more nutrient dense than the food we ingest now. Imagine if we had natural foods like fruits and vegetables supplying that kind of potent nutrition for athletes today.

One clear reason for the absence of nutrients in our food these days is that the oxygen levels in our air were much higher centuries ago before the air was filled with carbon monoxide. That piece of evidence alone may help you understand why the natural foods in stores now are just not that efficient for athletes, even if they appear nutritious. You will come across greater nutrition for athletes in innovative, nutrient dense, concentrated formulas that are not found in stores.

Shop for advanced natural foods and health drinks that are made with real ingredients, not chemicals or isolated vitamins and minerals. These whole food ingredients, when concentrated so that small amounts furnish the nutrients of numerous plants combined, create impressive nutrition for athletes.

Additionally, it is wise to find out how the natural foods you may be choosing are processed. In most cases, powder formulas are more valuable nutrition for athletes than bottled liquids. This is because of the lack of live enzymes in nutritional products that have already been activated by liquids. Live enzymes found in raw, natural foods are the critical catalysts for nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to penetrate your cells where they can supply energy for you. Usually, products that are processed at lower temperatures sustain the complex of whole food ingredients substantially more than those that have been heated or pasteurized. Pasteurization is necessary to kill bacteria in liquids such as milk, but it also destroys enzymes. This explains why raw milk is better for calcium absorption than pasteurized milk.

When you put in a respectable workout, you want to know that your efforts aren’t being sabotaged by a lack of the healthiest nutrition for athletes. You want rapid recovery times and you want to feel good when you’re giving it your all, but knowing which natural foods to pick for optimum performance is essential. You could settle for less at the store, but it won’t get you the results that you will feel with today’s more advanced, concentrated formulas. Do a Google search for concentrated nutrition for athletes to obtain the highest quality natural foods and health drinks being made today.

Author Cliff Everett Smith is the owner and operator of, providing the most advanced nutrition for athletes available today. He provides facts on more than 400 products, including concentrated natural foods not usually sold in stores.

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