The Anonymous Argument: Bottled Water Vs Private Water Purification Devices

What is this great debate about? Why haven’t I heard about it? Governments and Corporations are suppressing these debates as a what of time. Profits and tax! Small groups like the environmentalists are generating these debates . Many questions being asked. Why is there no real strong laws about bottled water quality?

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Tap water is of lower quality than bottled water
  • It is more cost effective to buy bottled water?
  • You purchase the bottled water out of convenience?

If you reply the latter, versus the previous, then pay close to attention to just what you may be consuming.

Let’s do this small calculation. Assume that you buy conservatively 4 x 250 ml of bottled water a week at say $2.50. That’s 4 x $2.50 x 52= $520 per annum per person and that’s over $2,000 for a family of 4 people If you bought 5 bottles per week, that is less than 1 per day, at $3 per bottle. This equates to an amazing $60 per week/week for an average family.

For a start, it’s been known for a period of time according to the Naturally occuring resources Defence Council the bottles from water contribute to the 160 million bottles a day that finish up in landfills.

What about the other Environmental impacts? What about themanufacture of the plastic bottle? More than 90g of oil and 1620g of carbon emissions to produce a single plastic water bottle. On top of this, is the impact of transportation. The plastic bottles are often global exported. Around 45 million bottles of water is transported from overseas. How much CO2 is being used to transport the bottled water? Some travelling many thousands of miles!

This fact, by itself would make the average shopper consider carefully about Water Quality once the decomposing of the bottles hits the atmosphere. Research shows that to have higher quality of water a home, attaching a filtration device to your tap is the best solution.

Bottled water may be safe enough when it is first filtered and put into bottles but considering its container, it doesn’t stay that way for long. A research program that investigated the best known plastic on the market, there was still a hefty rate of synthetic chemicals leached into the water from the bottle after being stored for any length of time . {It becomes worse when stored in temperatures like warehouses and storage rooms|In high temperature environments this is accelerated significantly.

Another major concern other than the leached plastic is the bacteria, virus’s and chemical in bottled water. The WHO agency, tested over 100 brands of water. Thirty three percent tested. Arsenic was found in a few brands.

From the website WaterWarning it is noted that there’s no chemically-free technique to get great water quality from a these plastic bottles when water is stored for long periods. The facts are that it takes seven times as much water to make a plastic bottle then the water that it can hold. Not only is this a waste of our dear resources but of time and money as well . The most effective way to get safe drinking water at home is from a home filtration gadget.

But do you do when not at home? There’s a cost effective solution! At less than 1 cent per litre, SureAqua have produced a portable water filtration gizmo unlike many others that actually removes bacteria, viruses and protozoa’s out of water. It also has a safety cut-off mechanism.

The way it works is that there’s a specifically designed membrane that only let molecules and particles thru that are smaller than 0.01 microns that’s a surprisingly five times smaller than the smallest known pathogen and a great a hundred times smaller than the littlest generally known bacteria ( 1 micron ).*

The most economical, safest and most convenient way to get the very finest Water Quality to your door, is simply to purchase a home water filtration device and have portable water purifying devices in your purse, briefcase, car, backpack when not at home.

Take this under consideration for your home and out-of-home wishes when you determining whether to get a water filtering device or bottled water. For the fraction of the price of water bottles, less contamination and less environmental impact these is a genuine and effective alternative.

If you are keen on saving money, have a look at the Sure Aqua product range. It will save you hundreds of dollars!

Note: Viruses and bacteria are being discovered each day and this could be false at the time of reading.

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