Symptoms Of Driver Fatigue

We’re getting closer to the Memorial Day and Labor Day, which means extra leisure and extra fun. There is, however, one catch to this: The American vacation season always comes dressed in highway accidents and death tolls. The long hours of driving, sleep deprivation, and demanding holiday activities add up to stress, which are the primary causes of the increased accident rates during the three day weekends and holiday seasons.

A long, refreshing rest may be the only real solution to the dangers of driving while groggy, but, human nature being what it is, many drivers will push the boundaries of endurance and risk behind the wheel. This clearly adds up to the national sleep deficit, but would seem very natural for Americans, considering their 24 hour, work hard, play hard culture. Science is yet to discover a foolproof method for safety for asleep-at-the-wheel driving, but some have come up with the idea of putting an alarm system, triggered by the driver’s fatigue levels. To keep learning about online education be sure to check out Cert 4 in OHS.

One of the main reasons behind the threats to road safety is driving fatigue. Considering that the numbers from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were near to accurate, about 100,000 crashes, 71,000 injuries, and 1,500 casualties are reported yearly. In terms of properties lost, the crashes could account for a staggering $12.5 billion every year. Nearly one million car accidents can be chalked up to driver inattention. This is the same assertion from most people.

According to a trusted authority in the field of eye blinks and driver fatigue, a professor of psychology at Washington University in St.Louis and MO, people shouldn’t drive, obviously, with their eyes closed. But then they are already susceptible to accidents, he said, long before you fall asleep behind the wheel. His one decade of study was aimed at finding a way to devise a gadget that could detect the symptoms of driver fatigue in a person. He believes that accidents could very easily be avoided then. These warning devices are needed by the trucking industry, so they gave their utmost attention to it. As of now, the prices may reach as high as a few thousand dollars per unit; however the lead researcher expects that the cost will drop as the gadgets become more commercial.

How are these devices going to measure the driver’s fatigue? According to scientists, long blinks and eye closers are very useful indicators of certain behavioral patterns when a person is reaching the danger zone. The late stage onset is also given priority, since a person falling asleep is more likely to have little or no alertness levels. At certificate IV OHS you’ll find more expert resources on online education.

To prevent the sleep onset from setting in, the gadget needs to be able to make corrective action during the early stages of fatigue. The research is trying to pinpoint the irregular patterns in eye movements, which are accompanied by unexpected but brief mental lapses. Put simply, these are signs of transitioning to sleep. To sum up, determining the mental lapses patterns is very important for increasing the effectively of the gadgets on providing timely warnings.

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