Sugar Addiction Interrupts Low Carb Diet

These low carb diet tips describe several reasons to avoid sugar addictions. To investigate more about why sugar addictions are harmful and how they upset a low carb diet, read ‘Lick The Sugar Habit’ by Nancy Appleton, PhD. Her book contributed to these diet tips.

First, a sugar addiction stifles the immune system. As far as low carb diet tips go, this is probably the most important reason to avoid sugar. Research from Loma Linda University calculated the effects of sugar on phagocytes, the white blood cells of the immune system that eat up bad bacteria and undesirable invaders. To put it simply, the more bacteria eradicated by the phagocytes, the stronger the immune system, and the healthier the whole body. One of the Loma Linda studies showed that sugar caused the phagocytic index to drop noticeably, which had a negative effect on the amount of garbage that could be annihilated by the immune system.

When looking for low carb diet tips, the topic of sugar addictions is essential. Sugar speeds the aging process, causing wrinkles and gray hair. When sugar is consumed daily, the pancreas can become over stimulated and produce too much insulin. An overabundance of insulin can cause normal blood sugar levels to diminish, and hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, may develop. Symptoms of hypoglycemia may include rapid heartbeat, anxiety, tremors, headaches, depression, tiredness, and memory loss. These may seem like diseases of the elderly, but more and more young people are experiencing these assaults on their youth. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should look carefully at how sugar addictions cause them. in addition, it is wise to pay attention to low carb diet tips that call for the complete elimination of sugar.

Too many people are unaware that a sugar addiction can cause arthritis, among other age related diseases. Arthritis is another disease usually linked to the elderly, but now there are many signs that sugar is a contributing cause of younger people developing arthritic symptoms. According to other low carb diet tips, a body suffering from a lack of certain minerals produces inflammation in the bones, joints and cartilage. Sugar contributes to these harmful mineral imbalances. When one mineral dwindles, another may rise, and in some cases, excess calcium will end up in joints, causing arthritic spurs and other problems associated with bone or joint diseases. Eliminating a sugar addiction and following smart low carb diet tips usually results in natural weight loss, and this helps achy joints, like knees and and ankles, just by taking a load off.

This is just a short list of the many ways that sugar contributes to health challenges. A major issue for people is that it is almost impossible to eliminate sugar when buying foods from typical grocery stores. However, online, you can find low carb diet tips, low carb foods and drinks, healthy snacks for kids, nutrition for athletes and other natural choices that are not packed with refined sugars.

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