Some Causes of Sinus Infection

Anyone who has had a sinus infection can tell you that this is a very complicated and worrying disorder. If someone around you has a sinus infection, you can tell right away. The nasal passages are blocked so the person cannot breathe properly. The way a person talks becomes strangely muffled when he has sinusitis. Even if a person blows his nose often, he still can do little to alleviate the clogging. Sinusitis can lead to several conditions, including vision problems and chronic headaches .

Sinus Infection Causes

Experts have different ideas on what leads to sinusitis. The unusual weather can lead to clogged nose and sinus passages. Some people claim to get sinusitis after exposure to unclean air for a long time. There Colds that get worse often lead to sinus problems. Chronic sinusitis happens to people who have autoimmune diseases. Recurring sinusitis may be present if the person is often exposed to second hand smoke.

Sinus problems also arise when a person has mucus deposits in his maxillary sinuses. Sinus problems are greater when infection is present. Nasal cavities are interrelated with the other cavities on the face and infection in one means problems in others. People with sinus infection may also show poor hearing. The auditory cavities are linked with those in the nose.

Predisposition factors include allergies and the presence of abnormalities in the nasal cavity like nasal polyps. Some people, like those who snore regardless of sleeping position or remedy, are likely to have several abnormalities in their nasal cavities. People who have this condition can wake up in the middle of the night because of discomfort.

Cures for Sinus Infection

Sinus problems can be dealt with using neti pots or nasal irrigation tools. Nasal passages become runny because of the influx of water from the neti pot. Nasal irrigation is also called nasal lavage or nose douche is the process of washing the nasal cavity to flush out excess mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses.

A person can do this even without a neti pot. The key is to make sure the water can make contact with the mucus membranes inside the nasal passages. Mucus membranes inside the nose may be raw and irritated because of the frequent blowing. Another way of doing this is by using saline nasal sprayers.

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