Slowly Adding Health Food And Health Drinks To Your Lifestyle

Choosing health food and health drinks, exercising, and doing away with bad habits are all steps we know we should take, but we put them off like a to-do list we don’t want to deal with. If it were simple to change unwanted behaviors quickly, people would do it all the time. Health food would be more popular than fast-food, and everyone would have a gym membership that they actually use. One of the biggest obstacles to making the smartest choices is the thought that we have to make only the wisest choices, all the time. It’s too overwhelming to contemplate, so we hold on to the bad habits, steering away from health food and promising to start exercising, “tomorrow.”

What if we take a different approach to lifestyle changes? What if we only change one thing at a time, making it a comfortable part of the daily routine before moving on to the next change? Making a small alteration in one’s daily activity doesn’t seem nearly as challenging as trying to undo every bad habit all at once.

Make it Easy With Health Drinks and Healthy Snacks

A great way to lower sugar and carbohydrate intake is to alter your beverages. Instead of replacing meals with vitamin “shakes”, try just switching out a daily soda for anti-oxidant rich green tea. Don’t get fooled into buying “vitamin enhanced” waters, though, as they often include high levels of sweeteners and chemicals. Instead, look for natural health drinks that include attributes like complex carbohydrates, chlorophyll, and live enzymes from whole food ingredients.

Snacking is a setback for many when it comes to dealing with weight and health issues. While it may seem like a good idea to cut out snacking entirely, another option is to switch those snacks with “health food”. You still get the satisfaction of snacking on something tasty, while putting less bad stuff and more healthy nutrients into your body. As time goes on, you can gradually switch all of your snacks and drinks with healthier options. Again, it’s not about changing everything at once but rather making a few small, realistic changes that have a cumulative effect.

Add Health Food to Existing Meals

Another small change that can have a dramatic effect is to replace one side dish with a health food option. If you would normally serve up some frozen potatoes with your evening meal, for example, start by replacing it with some steamed vegetables. After a while, you may find that you’re ready to completely replace an entire meal a week with something far more beneficial. Try steaming instead of frying or microwaving, veggies instead of boxed side dishes, and alkaline foods instead of acidic ones. Enhance the experience further by serving your health food with anti-oxidant rich health drinks. You may find that you actually start getting excited about this healthy meal and will want to select better options more than once a week.

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