Side Effects of Fosamax

Femur fractures can strike anytime. Reasons like athletic jumping on a rope with your neighborhood children, which is quite an ordinary activity, may be the sole cause. Right now, there are reports that femur fractures may also happen through the use of biphosphonate drugs like Fosamax. Fosamax and another biphosphonate are now being tested on space stations.

Fosamax belongs to a class of drugs called biphosphonates, which are used in preventing the loss of bone mass and is usually prescribed as treatment for osteoporosis. Now, an unexpected thing is happening because reports of Fosamax causing femur fractures are rising.

Spontaneous fracture refers to a break in the continuity of the bone that occurs even without the use of any force or involvement of trauma. Mundane activities like walking down the steps and standing for a certain duration or playing jumping rope with kids were the only things engaged when the break in the bone may happen.

Now, it has been found out that there are other conditions that resulted from the use of the drug. Medical conditions like osteonecrosis of the jaw, also known to many as ONJ, Dead Jay or Bis-Phossy Jaw, as well as severe musculoskeletal pain are linked to the use of Fosamax. These kind of information were not given to patient even if the manufacturer of the drug already knows about it.

Fosamax, as a biphosphonate, works by altering the bone cycle formation, in effect reducingbone density. This mechanism of action also prevents bone resorption, exposing its patients to certain types of bone break. Biphosphonates are recommended treatment for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women but research does not indicate how long women should be taking this drug. This dilemma are answered by doctors through the five-year limit to the course of treatment.

Biphosphonates have been very popular that around 37 million prescriptions were written for it around 2008. Results of the long term use of this drug can seem pretty depressing as conditions like women suffering from brittle bones and experiencing a spontaneous fracture may happen. If you take a look at every Fosamax side effects, you will see that these fractures are related to Fosamax intake.


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