Shiatsu Therapy – An Effective Therapy For Muscle and Ligament Conditions

Shiatsu, a well-known Chinese therapy, can heal many bodily ailments through an age-old technique. It works on the principle that along with other things in nature, human body too contains Qi, a kind of energy, which can be controlled to get a required outcome in the body. It is believed that an imbalance in Qi is the main reason for most health problems, and Shiatsu aims to heal by restoring this balance.

Although the literal meaning of Shiatsu is pressure delivered through the finger, the treatment requires lot more than just fingers. It often uses palms, fists, knees etc. to deliver focused pressure on specific points in the body to get rid of stress, shoulder aches and muscle tension problems like sprains. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed for a long time after a Shiatsu massage. It enhances the flow of blood in the body and helps you stay healthy and fit.

The therapy has evolved after hundreds of years of study by ancient people who devoted lifetimes to finding out the exact pressure points where the Qi is focused – examine shiatsu massage London for supplemental points related to this topic. By using the right techniques and directing the Qi correctly, Shiatsu gives great benefits which cannot be achieved by other available treatments.

One should always get the Shiatsu therapy done on the floor, instead of couches or beds. This way, the Shiatsu therapist is able to conduct the message effectively through unobstructed movements. It also aids in finding the exact pressure points. Another benefit of carrying out the treatment on the floor is that the Shiatsu therapist can put sufficient pressure at the right points.

Shiatsu is fast gaining popularity worldwide due to its ability to provide a uniquely refreshing and comforting experience. One experience of this treatment will make you ask for more, and long-term results would subsequently follow.

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