Sensible Holistic Nutrition Can Fight Sugar Addiction And Gas Problems

Excess stomach gas can be a serious problem, even though late-night comedians often make the issue the butt of their jokes. Flatulence can be embarrassing and if severe enough can cause a significant social issue for you and your loved ones. As the topic is taboo and generally referred to by way of jokes, most who suffer from this issue often do so in complete silence, as they would prefer to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms rather than look into the causes and potential cures.

Fundamentally, any one of three problems could cause serious stomach gas and each could lead to longer-term issues if left unattended for a particular period of time.

Your body is a delicate balance of chemical reactions and yeast is a critical component. Sometimes this component gets out of balance and when too much yeast, or Candida exists, health problems can result. Apparently, this is the foremost cause of a gas problem, and it’s the common result of impaired digestion and a poor approach to holistic nutrition. If a poor diet is ingested, it is not processed properly and the correct waste is not expelled. Under such conditions, the yeast multiplies within your intestines and ferments, creating large volumes of gas. Could this be due to your sugar addiction? Processed foods are generally poor in nutritional value and high in sugars and this elevated level may give the yeast the conditions to flourish. As an even greater cause for concern, Candida can – in some individuals, lead to the development of allergies, excessive levels of anxiety, difficulty concentrating and irritable bowel syndrome, among many other illnesses as well.

Constipation is another embarrassing issue that few choose to talk about. Experts say that you should have a bowel movement twice a day, or food will ferment within your intestines leading to gas and odors. When gas travels into the digestive tract it can lead to bloating and further discomfort. It is important to track your bowel movements and if irregular, think of a colon cleanse and a major reassessment of your diet.

The drug industry has done a lot to brainwash us about “cures” for indigestion. We are told we have too much acid and antacids are popped like pills. As the balance of stomach acid is again very delicate, these pills will essentially cause more harm than good. Food is not completely digested due to this imbalance and its goodness cannot be correctly absorbed. Undigested food will be attacked by organisms and once again will lead to gas, bloating and other bowel problems.

These are just some of the problems caused if you don’t concentrate on holistic health solutions to help you lead your life well. You need to take control of sugar and food cravings and stop relying on processed foods by pretending you don’t have enough time to prepare your diet accordingly. Many of the major illnesses we suffer today, including arthritis, diabetes and cancer can be traced back to poor dietary health. Next time you have an excessive gas attack, consider whether it could be linked to your sugar addiction and make plans for change as soon as possible.

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