Senior Citizen Flash Mobs Are ‘Dynamite’

The latest craze among senior citizens is the senior citizen flash mob.  We have chosen four of the best and most entertaining ones featuring seniors who are as young as 95.

These vids prove our points that seniors can get out in their communities and show the younger people how to have a good time.  Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re at the mall, because you never know when seniors will suddenly (or kind of suddenly) burst into song and dance.

The Meadowlake Estates Flash Mob at Target

This vid has been watched over 1,680,000 times on Youtube.

It takes a little stage planning, but it goes off without a hitch.  I especially like the senior who continues shopping.  Flash mobbing is great fun and it’s entertaining to find seniors getting into a good song.


Union Square, NYC  Creative Dance Art Group

This one contains some priceless quotes.

“We are not dead yet.”

“I can still argue.”

“I can say anything and get away with it…”

These seniors certainly score high on the cuteness scale.

Asbury Heights Residents are ‘Dynamite’

Just in case that Halloween party isn’t getting off the ground, you can always bring in the top performers to rev things up a little. This vid features Helen Paracca, 95 and Ralph Hauser, 82.



Senior Flash Mob Indian Style

These seniors seem to be younger than most.  I love the reactions of the younger people in the crowd. At first they’re apprehensive as if they’re thinking, ‘I’m not sure about this’.  But then the camera phones pop out and everyone, or almost everyone, gets into the song.


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