Selecting Exercise Equipment That Works And Doesn't Break The Bank

The weight loss and general fitness business is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are any number of companies who will be happy to sell you every supplement, no effort exercise equipment and wonder drug under the sun – all guaranteed to help you shed pounds and get buff within a very short period of time. The large majority of such products are a waste of your money and your time. Even so, there are some items of equipment that are well worth investing in if you want to shed a few pounds or just generally get in shape.

The most important thing of all is to get yourself a good comfortable pair of shoes. Just about every form of exercise, with the exception of martial arts and swimming, will need you to have suitable footwear. Walking for instance, is an extremely effective way to shed a few pounds and generally get in shape. There are numerous health benefits over and above weight loss and it’s ideal for anyone who hasn’t exercised for a while and wants to ease themselves back into a regular exercise regime.

However, if your shoes give you blisters, or are even slightly uncomfortable, then you will find it hard to keep up your walking program. Be sure to get yourself the most comfortable exercise shoes that you can afford. You can even make use of modern technology by choosing the latest design of exercise footwear which boosts the effectiveness of your walking exercise program by increasing the amount of work done by your lower body muscles whilst walking normally. Currently, Reebok Easy Tones, Skechers Shape Ups and Fit flops sandals are available on the market, all of these claim to be scientifically engineered to reduce impact stress and raise your workout’s effectiveness.

Once you get into your walking routine, or possibly even progress to jogging or running, you will probably want to monitor your progress. A good pedometer is ideal for this. It can display your results in terms of the total distance covered, the number of steps taken, the time taken or the number of calories burned. This will help you to stay motivated.

Be sure to choose a good quality pedometer. You will certainly be able to find some extremely cheap ones on offer, but it’s well worthwhile paying just a few dollars more for a better quality, more accurate device. Some of the very cheap pedometers can be totally lacking in accuracy. A good quality brand such as Tanita or an Omron pedometer will be more accurate and will also be less prone to failure.

A heart rate monitor is also an excellent idea – although, when you’re just starting out, it may not be strictly necessary. You may, depending upon your age and goals, wish to maintain your heart rate within a specific range whilst you exercise. You can find relatively inexpensive heart rate monitor watches which are easy to use quite readily these days.

If you don’t already have one, investing in an mp3 player might be a good idea. You can listen to motivational tracks if that helps you keep going. Alternatively you can just play your favourite tunes whilst exercising – that’ll probably work just as well. The miles and the time will fly by much more quickly when you have your favourite band playing in your ears. You can pay as much or as little as you want for an mp3 player nowadays – but even one of the entry level models will probably help you to stay motivated.

If you want to try the latest design of effortless ab cruncher or swallow gallons of health juice made from filtered yak’s milk then by all means give it a try. However, the previously mentioned items should be more than enough to get you started – and they will almost certainly be helpful to you in your exercise program.

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