Selecting a Medical Tourism Facilitator

With several businesses and organizations throwing their hat into the booming Medical Travel market, the role of the medical travel facilitator has become closer scrutinized and in addition a brisk conversation has started regarding standards and practices and responsibility for Medical Travel Facilitators. The truth of the situation is that the role and responsibility of the medical travel facilitator has become very important. It is sort of frightening for many people to fly to a foreign country for medical care, and correctly so. The facilitator becomes the source for info and guidance towards a major medical decision and the standard of the medical facilitator can be judged on one or two factors.

One of the first pieces of analysis that a potential patient should think about is finding out what governmental or nonprofit bodies are established inside a country leading Medical Travel. Who are the front runners in the field that are not basically jostling for your greenbacks? In the case of Costa Rica this role falls to a few bodies which are totally experts at their area connected with the medical travel experience, which consists of travel services, frequently tourism services and accommodations, and which can also include after care and rehab within the country. There are a few bodies fitting that outline in Costa Raica most particularly The Promed Council for the World Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine. This is a nonprofit organization inside Costa Rica which spends much resources promoting training and standards together with harsh connection requirements for members active in the Medical Tourism industry. A potential patient should be searching for a connection mark of approval if coming to Costa Rica or some other such board or body specific to the country where you wish care.

A second body in Costa Rica, ICT ( Instituto Costarricense de Turismo ) is a governmental body developed to push tourism in addition to promoting standards of practice for tourism operators and cultivating an ecological approach to tourism aimed at preserving the most precious natural and holiday maker resource Costa Rica has : Namely The rich eco system and biodiversity of Costa Rica home to 5% of all living things in the world while being only the size of the State of West Virginia, and maintaining a population of only 4.5 million people. Membership or connection with this body or its cousin in other states should additionally be something a prospective patient should go looking for.

As a matter of ethics a medical Facilitator should have firsthand understanding of every facility which he endorses. At Health Check Costa Rica we won’t accept a non accredited facility nor will we conduct business with a facility that we haven’t vetted and visited ourselves. We are endeavoring to help people get the very best medical care possible for the fairest cost. It behooves us to know our product and the caregivers concerned in the act. Many of those Medical Travel facilitator sites have nothing but a website, and an emailed contract with a caregiver. They might have never met nor checked the facility prior to sending a patient there. MAKE SURE TO ASK!
Finally ask your Medical Tourism facilitator what training they have received inside their profession, chances are small to none, only really progressive countries like Costa Rica and India are actually forming continuing education in this field.


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