Secrets of Life Extension in the Humble Grain

On the morning of August 29th 1997, the officially recognised oldest person in the world, Marie-Louise Meilleur, sat down to her normal breakfast of oats.Not a lot was known about the habits of Marie Louise Meilleur but what we do know is that for large parts of her life plant foods were the main stay of her diet.

The notion that a diet with plenty of vegetables but little meat aids longevity has been the argument of anti aging gurus for many years.During World War II when in Scandinavia meat was extremely hard to come by there was a large drop in the death rate.Later when things got better and diets returned to normal the death rate increased.A study of vegetarians and moderate meat eaters by a German cancer research centre showed their average lifespan was considerably longer than the rest of the population.

Consuming fresh vegetables,raises our levels of anti-oxidants.And reducing our intake of the type of fat found in meat products, limits our intake of free radicals. By replacing our meat intake with more vegetables we raise our chances of living longer. This is especially true if we choose the vegetables or fruits with the best anti oxidants.In more ways than one, Marie-Louise Meilleur, whether intentional or not followed a strict anti aging diet.

I wonder though if Marie-Louise Meilleur knew about the anti aging properties of the oats she was eating!There is a special fibre in oats called beta glucans.This fibre has been shown to reduce the damaging type of cholesterol named low density lipoprotein (LDL) whilst boosting the good type of cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL) This powerful mechanism stops your arteries getting blocked up and therefore helps prevent some of the major diseases that can result from high cholesterol levels.The protease inhibitors in oats also help the body fight against viruses and carcinogens in the digestive tract. In addition, they support the battle against diebetes because they help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Oats are not the only grain with hidden anti aging secrets.It’s estimated that 80% of cholesterol is made by the body.It would seem obvious then that to have any real impact on cholesterol levels we have to somehow alter the manufacturing process.It turns out that Barley is just the grain that can help us do this.Barley has the power to inhibit the manufacturing of LDL.It works by deactivating an enzyme used in the production of LDL but without lowering the production of HDL.

It is clear then, if a vegetarian style diet is to be followed it should include grains! It could be your key to effective life extension

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