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San Diego weight loss professionals will remind you that there is a healthy way to achieve weight loss, and keep that weight off. The most important part of any weight-loss plan, is dedication. If you expect your plan to result in weight loss, you must stick to it. Losing weight and getting in better shape will make you feel better, look younger, and improve your health.

We have all heard the expression, “you are what you eat”. So, who wants to look like that extra helping of mashed potatoes? Puffy, lumpy and bulging. Does this mean that we can not eat mashed potatoes, and still get healthy? No, the keyword in this sentence is extra. Extra is exactly what the problem is…

Any San Diego weight loss expert will agree, that the only way to lose weight, is to create a deficit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating potatoes. The real concern, is how you are eating them. One average size potato is just over one hundred calories. A tablespoon of margarine has eighty calories. Once added to your potato, you have almost doubled the calories, with no added nutrition or health benefit. By the time you are finished adding sour cream, gravy, and all of the other “flavors” that people enjoy with mashed potatoes, you may have added enough empty calories for a meal.

If you are trying to lose weight, you may actually need to eat more. It is true, the more you eat, the faster your metabolism will be. Many people have suffered for years with dieting. The fact of the matter is, that traditional diets do not work. Calorie counting, everything low-fat, and even liquid diets have been tried, without success. Many people have actually sent their bodies into “starvation mode”, causing their metabolism to slow down, and actually making weight loss even harder. The best way to lose weight, is to eat foods with the most nutritional value, and the least amount of calories. This will cause your metabolism to move faster, and help you lose weight.

What if you could eat all day long, any time you felt hungry? Is this a diet that you would be willing to try? Ask a San Diego expert what they think about this. You will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Have you ever heard of anyone becoming overweight from eating too many apples? Too many tomatoes, or green beans? Of course not, this does not happen. You may eat all that you like, without gaining weight.

Weight loss advisers will tell you, that you must eliminate fast food, and processed foods. Choose leaner meats, and keep the amounts at a minimum. Eat only whole grains, when choosing carbs, and eat all of the fresh produce that you need in order to be satisfied, and maintain energy.

Remember that adding exercise will increase your stamina, energy, and weight loss. When you exercise, you burn more calories. You also increase your muscle mass, which will allow you to eat more, while losing weight. San Diego Quick Weightloss experts agree that exercise is important for your Best Weightloss.

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