Risk Factors in Fosamax Use

Fosamax, also known as aldenotrate sodium, is a drug that belongs to a group called biphosphonates. Fosamax is manufactured Merck & Co. and the drug was initially and primarily created to treat individuals who suffer from or could possibly acquire osteoporosis. But Fosamax would only make bones more brittle and prone to breakage as it turns out. Experts suggest that users take extra caution in taking the drug because Fosamax may have side effects that could be detrimental to a patient’s health. A Fosamax Drug Holiday was proposed because of this. This drug holiday is said to occur in a manner that Fosamax users will have to stop using the drug for a couple of years as evidences show that it can be detrimental for their health. According to Dr. Timothy Gilbert, “We can withdraw therapy from some of these patients for 3 to five years and still see a very positive effect.” Here are the side effects several doctors believe to result through Fosamax use:

Femur Fractures. Even doing something simple like walking, many Fosamax users have reported about their femur bones snapping. Fosamax seemingly only makes them more weak and unable to combat stress instead of strengthening the bones.

ONJ or Osteonecrosis of the Jaw. This is a condition where parts of the jaw bone die due to lack of blood supply to the jaw area. Fosamax as the sole cause of users’ developing ONJ is a fact Merck constantly denies despite the growing complaints against the drug.

Other side effects. The two health conditions mentioned are said to be the most serious side effects of Fosamax; however, there are several more side effects Fosamax allegedly cause. Fosamax use are also said to result to gastrointestinal abnormalities such as abdominal cramping and diarrhea, problems with the eyes, pain in the joints, muscles or bones, and skin rash.

Many people have been filing for a Fosamax lawsuit for sever sufferings due to Fosamax use. Fosamax users should see this as a reminder to reevaluate how the drug is contributing to their quality of life.


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