Recommended Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sore, known in colloquial English also as oral herpes or fever blisters, are tingling, reddish, infuriating blisters filled with fluids which occur on the mouth, lips and nose area of a person. A cold sore occurs as a result of a viral infection, simplex type 1 (HSV-1) virus, which is contagious and stays life long in the human body. Just before the much awaited date or any important occasion, it can almost kill a person from within and reduce his/her much touted confidence due to these ugly sores on the horizon.

While these sores are definitely ugly to behold the discomfort that arises from that are not due to their appearance but due to the pain and suffering it inflicts on the infected person. How should one get the cold sore treatment then?

Well, to begin with, these cold sores are like having children. Like children they will remain with you always occasionally giving rise to unmanageable situations. However, cold sore treatment will prevent its tenure, longevity of stay and its effect while it is in its primary or peak stage.

The best known anti viral treatment for cold sores would be acyclovir available in the market in the name of Zovirax┬«. Why Acyclovir? Acyclovir works by reducing the time frame of the virus attack bringing it down by 60% and prevents the sores from spreading further. People suffering from cold sores must follow rigorous care to ensure that this extremely contagious ailment is not passed on to others or even to other parts of the infected person’s body.

As a patient of a cold sore, one has to have an uptight personal hygiene and care regime and ensure that hands are washed regularly and do not come in too much of contact with the infected areas. Doctors may prescribe acyclovir either in oral form or as an ointment or depending on the intensity of the attack may also recommend both options.

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