Read An E-Lites Review Before You Buy

Many users of e-lites have varying opinions on this product. E-lites are better known as smokeless cigars. Some people think this is a healthier way to smoke. This product is also recommended for smoking cessation. For years now, those who are quitting cigarettes are using e-lites.


The patented design gives the user the same experience as a real cigarette. Smoke comes out of the device and is inhaled by the user. He lets out smoke the same way he would with a normal cigarette. But e-lites don’t have the harmful ingredients present in normal cigarettes. There are many variations for the flavor of cigarette smoke. Once they’ve tried it, the users switch to e-lites.

The flavors are varied enough to keep you from getting bored. Just like cigarettes, a user may prefer a particular brand. But the variety of flavor that has been created for this device is overwhelming. One starter pack may contain the gadget as well as several refills.

The good news is that many establishments allow the use of e-lites in the premises. There may be no smoking signs all over, but e-lites don’t count as smoke so many establishments allow it.


Adjustment is difficult, particularly in the way smoke is dispensed. Since no tobacco is burned, the user has to activate the electronic cigarette manually. You need to activate a so-called flow sensor.

Nicotine addiction is not cured. E-lites still contain nicotine. This means the user may still crave and eventually switch to real cigarettes if they run out of budget for e-lites refills. Cartridges don’t come cheap. Because you are still addicted to nicotine, the refills may drain your budget.

There are misconceptions about e-liltes. Some think that nicotine is not a part of the smoke that the user emits using e-liltes. There are even some people who think these e-lites are completely safe for use by anyone. This misconception could lead to the misuse of these electronic cigarettes by kids or teenagers.

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