Prune Juice keeps you regular

The Many Benefits of Prune Juice
To truly understand the benefits of Prune Juice it helps to appreciate where it comes from. Many people know that prunes are made from dehydrated plums, but the juice is much more than that – otherwise it would just be called plum juice! As we all know, a plum is a dark juicy fruit that is full of antioxidants that our bodies need for healthy digestion. During the process of converting prunes into prune juice, these essential elements are actually condensed down, especially if the dehydration process is natural.

What most people don’t know is that prune juice is made by injecting water back into the prune, and then using that extracted juice. This means that the Prune Juice maintains more of the healthy nutrients. That’s why you don’t have to drink a lot of it to feel the need to go, and why so many older people drink at least one glass a day. Drinking the juice of prunes allows more of the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to pass more freely into your body, and the waste binds with other waste in your body, making your stool softer and easier to pass.

Regular (pardon the pun!) consumption of Prune Juice is a great way to eliminate toxins that build up in your body. Sure there are body flushes that you can purchase, but some of these contain stimulants, and other additives. This is a more natural way to cleanse you body. Most medical practicioners would reccommend a complete body cleanse once a year.

There are three main benefits of drinking a glass of prune juice a day:
– Its 18 essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins can help fight osteoporosis and boost the overall health of our bones.
– It can reduce heart disease by lowering both high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
– It can help slow the aging process and help you live a happier, longer life.
In summary including Prune Juice in your diet is a great way to improve your overall digestive health and not just a way of relieving constipation.

Sunsweet is the largest supplier of Prune Juice globally and it is widely available in the UK. The brand you choose is not important but you need to make sure that the brand you choose makes the juice naturally, and has nothing added to it such as sugar or corn syrup. A key ingredient in making Prune Juice effective in the fight against constipation is Sorbitol – Not all brands contain sorbitol so be sure that you check the label.

You can also find out much more information on the benefits of drinking prune juice online, as well as an abundance of tips on other ways to improve your health, through drinking more juice, eating less processed foods, and getting enough exercise. If you are thinking about cleaning out your system you should consult with your physician. They can tell you how much juice you should drink and and how long you should take it for. Most medical practicioners can recommend a healthy diet that works with your lifestyle.

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